Statement of Policy

The Library & Technology Services Division (LTS) of Lehigh University is charged with providing easy and timely access to information for students and faculty as related to the academic programs and for staff as required to meet their job responsibilities. LTS is also responsible for maintaining appropriate delivery mechanisms and for optimizing the access to a wide range of printed and electronic information commensurate with university budget allocations.

Specific service standards for areas within LTS will be published and posted on the LTS Web pages and, upon request, be made available in hard copy to any member of the university community.

To monitor and evaluate the effectiveness and breadth of the services provided, the Vice Provost for Library & Technology Services (VPLTS) will, with the participation of her/his staff, develop an appropriate set of metrics. The VPLTS is further charged with acquiring and/or developing appropriate tools or mechanisms for monitoring performance relative to the accepted metrics and will report annually to the provost and the appropriate university committee, and advise ACIS, of the degree to which the established metrics have been met. The VPLTS will also be responsible for establishing benchmarks through comparison with metrics established at comparable institutions and organizations.

The appropriateness of the metrics may be reviewed annually by members of the Advisory Council for Information Services (ACIS) who may consult with outside consultants on the extent to which current or proposed metrics conform to national norms.

Substantive changes to the metrics structure (introduction of new metrics, e.g.) or to the levels of service provided, whether proposed by clients or LTS staff, will be presented to the Advisory Council for Information Services (ACIS). If accepted by ACIS, these changes will be recommended for approval by the provost.

Current Service Standards: LTS Service Standards

Original effective date: November 1, 2000 Revision effective date: February 15, 2015