1.0 Objective:

Lehigh University needs a well-defined and supported web infrastructure and web-support program, in order to effectively and efficiently disseminate crucial information and provide mission-critical services. This requires cooperation and responsibility-sharing across various organizations within the university. Prudent information security policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures must be implemented to insure not only the safety and security of those within our community, but also insure that the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and associated services are not compromised, and the academic and business missions of the University can safely and successfully be maintained.

2.0 Purpose:

The following policy applies to information, applications, and services provided by or on behalf of Lehigh University via the web.

3.0 Audience & Scope:

This policy applies to all users including employees, students, contractors, and all other 3rd parties whom access information systems owned or utilized by Lehigh University.

4.0 Policy:

A well-defined and supported web infrastructure and web-support program requires cooperation and responsibility-sharing across various organizations within the university. As with any university computing resource, all users must abide by the current Lehigh Policies on the Use of Computer Systems and Facilities.


Key web-support responsibilities at Lehigh are outlined below:

  • Library and Technology Services (LTS) bears primary responsibility for support of a robust and secure academic and administrative web infrastructure, including web hosting, domain name management (lehigh.edu and its subdomains), site management, site security, site backup, site access (local directories & search engines), site analysis (usage statistics), and site personalization (portal software).
  • LTS works jointly with University Communications and Public Affairs (UCPA) and other key campus constituents to define, implement, and refine continuously an institutional web architecture that meets the evolving needs of the academic and outreach missions of the university.
  • UCPA bears primary responsibility for design and content of websites such as the Lehigh homepage, Inside Lehigh, Admissions, Academics, and Research and digital communications that build awareness and visibility for the university and provide timely, useful information about the university to various audiences, both internally and externally.
  • LTS, in cooperation with UCPA, provides to academic departments and other organizational units around campus a web services package that includes preformatted page building templates, documentation, and general consulting. The provided web templates are standards-compliant, conform to Lehigh’s visual identity, comply with federal section 508 accessibility guidelines and utilize responsive web design techniques to allow pages viewed in a web browser to automatically adapt to fit the screen of a tablet, smartphone or desktop computer concurrently.
  • LTS is responsible for the provision of web authoring software and training in the use of that software to the campus community.
  • Offices, departments, and centers that self-publish content on behalf of the university to web sites not hosted at lehigh.edu bear individual responsibility for ongoing site management, site security, site backup, website accessibility, and domain name registration and management (.com, .org, .net. etc.).

5.0 Exceptions:


6.0 Enforcement:

7.0 Definitions:

8.0 Reference Documents:

Responsible University Official: Colin Foley, (acting) CISO
Responsible University Office: Lehigh Library and Technology Services (LTS), 610-758-3072
Effective Date: 05/01/2002
Last Updated/Reviewed: 05/05/2017
Revision Number: 1.0.1