Skill Development

LTS Seminars

LTS offers a broad range of seminars on diverse topics, including Excel, Dropbox, Banner, SPSS, Google, Docusign, GitHub, and more. Learn about our seminar offerings. 

LinkedIn Learning

Lehigh provides access to LinkedIn Learning, which offers a massive collection of personal and professional development video and audio content. Learn about LinkedIn Learning. 


In partnership with Lehigh University, Library and Technology Services is pleased to offer a micro credentialing program to the campus community. These credentials are a visual indicator of accomplishments or skills you have gained that can be displayed, accessed, and verified online.

Issuing of Credentials

We are utilizing the Credly platform to issue digital badges, which attest that you have satisfied learning outcomes set by course instructors and mastered a particular skill set. These web-enabled credentials can be shared online and are an efficient way of posting to social media platforms or on your digital resume as a visual way to demonstrate skills.

We periodically offer a badge for the following sequences:

  • Python 
  • R and Shiny Apps
  • Data Literacy: Finding, Evaluating, and Visualizing Data
  • HPC
  • SQL/Argos

Digital badges are credentials you own, so you can decide how you want to use them. A few examples:

Sample Credly microcredential badges



Lehigh provides access to DataCamp, an online learning platform specializing in teaching data literacy for all skill levels. Learn more.