Experiential learning opportunities, to 'learn while doing', abound at Lehigh.

Library and Technology Services (LTS) offers paid, on-campus, hands-on learning positions that build resumés AND grit. Students gain experience and discover their passions as peer tutors, consultants, and technicians. These job opportunities enrich their academics, teach life skills, and help them grow as professionals, expert problem solvers, and confident leaders. These valuable opportunities have allowed thousands of students to become more marketable and prepared for employment success after graduation. Examples of these opportunities include:

TRAC Writing Fellows

Peer writing tutors and mentors

Client Services

Technical support in the field

Special Collections

Engage with Lehigh's extensive library archives

Student Roles in LTS

Visit Work at LTS for information on a role that might be just right for you!

Additionally, academic units across the university offer opportunities for students to engage in experiential learning as part of their course of study. 

Creative Inquiry

Student, faculty and external partner collaborations

Baker Institute

Entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation for all

Study Abroad

Live and learn in a different culture