Hours, Direction, and Parking

Non-Lehigh visitors may enter libraries from 8am - 9pm, Monday - Friday. Lehigh ID is required for entrance to libraries after 9pm.

Friends of the Libraries

Visitors may join the Friends of Lehigh University Libraries at the contributing level of $75.00 per year. This membership includes a borrowers card for one year and allows borrowing privileges for library books. Visitors may use the library kiosks.

Visitor Policies

Lehigh Libraries expect all visitors to follow the general guidelines of respectful and quiet use of the facilities. Lehigh Libraries primarily serve faculty, staff, students and members of LVAIC institutions.


Library Exhibits are open to visitors.

LTS Events

Many Library and Technology Services events are open to public.

Technology Available to Visitors


Our lehigh-guest unsecured wireless network is available anywhere on campus and requires no special configuration.

Computer Use

Visitors can bring their own device and connect to our campus guest wireless. We also have a library research kiosk in Linderman and the Fairchild-Martindale Library.


We have self-service scanners available for visitor use.