Library and Technology Services provides leadership, expertise, innovation, and support to Lehigh’s faculty, students, and staff as we collaboratively educate students, conduct research, and disseminate scholarship. Our mission is to advance and support the research, teaching, learning, and administrative needs of the Lehigh community by providing world-class technical infrastructure; professional support for a broad range of hardware and software resources; leadership in academic innovation; and expertise in a broad range of fields, including pedagogy, library research and collection management, instructional technology, administrative support, digital scholarship, academic writing, web services, network and systems administration, cybersecurity, and research computing. LTS is under the direction of the Vice Provost for Library and Technology Services. For a description of the organization, structure, and staff go to In addition to the service goals listed below, there are additional specific, measurable goals in place for each unit. LTS will make every effort to meet or exceed these service goals and will evaluate and update these standards continuously. Suggestions to improve this service statement may be submitted via the “Feedback” link that is available at the bottom of the LTS web pages. Other feedback on our services can be submitted to our LTS Feedback form or to any LTS staff member. .

General Policies for All Service Areas

Library & Technology Services' mission includes providing facilities and resources that are conducive to study and research at Lehigh. LTS is also committed to courteous, prompt, and accurate services. We follow these specific standards:

  • Acknowledge clients immediately at public service desks; bring in additional staff when needed. If clients have a complex request that cannot be resolved by front line staff, clients will be referred to specialists.
  • The Help Desk will answer the phone “live” (no voicemail) greater than 95% of the time during business hours.
  • Provide options for contacting the LTS Help Desk via phone, email, walk in, and chat.
  • Respond to voice mail or email messages within one business day. Respond to chat requests within three minutes.
  • Provide reasonable seating capacity and a variety of quiet study and collaborative work spaces; work with other campus groups to ensure spaces are clean, comfortable, and safe.
  • Provide 24/7 study space during fall and spring semesters.
  • Display hours of operation prominently at all LTS service locations, via voicemail, and online.
  • Hold meetings with faculty liaisons and department chairs.
  • Engage in effective communication through individual and group meetings, surveys, email, alerts, announcements, newsletters, web sites, focus groups, orientations, and social media.
  • Acknowledge comments, suggestions, or problem reports in one business day; provide a status update in three business days.
  • Widely publicize new services or resources, or changes to services or resources.

Client Services Assistance

Client Services commits to the following specific standards:

  • Respond to client questions and requests within one business day.
  • Offer instruction geared to client needs through regularly scheduled seminars and customized instruction within two weeks of a faculty/staff request.
  • Provide comprehensive, easy-to-follow, and up-to-date instructions and guides for LTS services online or on site as needed.
  • Publish standards and guidelines for all LTS supported software and hardware.
  • Provide consulting services to identify needs, evaluate solutions, and implement systems and solutions.
  • Respond to client hardware and software requests within one business day and provide a time frame for problem resolution.

Computing & Communication Systems

Library & Technology Services' mission includes the provision of computing and communication systems to meet campus needs. LTS commits to the following specific standards:

  • Ensure the reliability and at least 99.9% availability of all electronic information systems, including central servers and networks (excluding maintenance).
  • Ensure reliability and a minimum of 90% availability of computers and printers at all public sites (excluding maintenance).
  • Provide efficient and reliable data and voice network infrastructure, with availability greater than 99.9%, and process requested changes to infrastructure services within five business days (excluding maintenance)
  • Ensure that all tier 1 systems, operating systems and applications supported by LTS are secure, running supported releases, and are under maintenance agreements.
  • Utilize LTS Change Management Process for planning, approval, and notification for all changes related to services provided by LTS.
  • Announce planned downtime at least two business days in advance, and schedule maintenance and downtime during low use hours.
  • Maintain backup files on all LTS controlled/maintained/supported systems and shared network drives so that lost or corrupted files can be restored or reloaded.
  • Respond to reported or potential security violations with eight business hours.
  • Protect university data, maintaining security and confidentiality.
  • Provide reliable access to the campus network, Internet and Internet2.
  • Maintain and upgrade Banner and integrated applications in accordance with schedules established by the Data Governance and Standards Committee.

Library Collections & Services

Library Collections & Services commits to the following specific standards:

  • Work collaboratively with faculty, liaisons, and departments to ensure that library, media, and software collections support the instructional and research mission of Lehigh University and meet the needs of students, faculty, and staff.
  • Ensure at least 99.9% availability of locally-hosted library systems (excluding maintenance).
  • Acknowledge library media requests within one business day and follow up within three business days where copyright status is known.
  • Catalog new library materials accurately within three weeks of receipt.
  • Check out and check in all library materials with 99% accuracy and within one business day.
  • Reshelve books and bound journals within one business day and maintain the shelves in order.
  • Process interlibrary loan requests within one business day of receipt.
  • Deliver newly received rush requests within one business day.
  • Fill in-house document delivery requests within one business day.
  • Retrieve materials from the Library Materials Center within one business day except where materials are rare, fragile, or unique.
  • Process and make available ejournals, e-books, and other online records within one week of receipt.
  • Resolve web site link problem reports (broken links) in online resources within two days.

Classrooms, Media, and Scanning Services

LTS commits to the following specific standards:

  • Respond immediately, if possible, to problems in classrooms with instructor stations, projection equipment, or other malfunctions that interfere with the progress of a scheduled class, and respond to all other problems within one business day.
  • Provide how-to documentation for audio and video production.
  • Provide well-maintained and accessible media production facilities for clients to produce media materials.
  • Provide self-service scanning and faxing services in the libraries.
  • Provide self-serve photocopier/scanners for microform.


These service standards were first issued in the fall of 1997 in the form of a brochure. They were revised in early 2000 and submitted to the Provost's Advisory Council for Information Services. Content revision and editorial changes approved by ACIS on April 19, 2007.

The Lehigh University Library & Technology Services Standards above are associated with the following service policies:

Latest revision: 10/01/2018