As per the interim policy for off-campus access to Banner, anyone accessing Banner from off-campus must have supervisor approval on file with the Security Coordinator. Print this form, fill it in, and return it to: Security Coordinator, 8B EWFM 395

Banner Authorization Form

Lehigh University has and will continue to maintain the integrity and security of institutional, proprietary, and confidential data entrusted to it.  This type of data includes, but is not limited to, student records, personnel records, human subjects research records, financial records (both institutional and personal), and even health care related records.  The sensitivity of this data is not only regulated by University policies, but also by restrictions set by various federal and state regulations. Lehigh University takes steps to limit access to this information on a need to know basis.  Only necessary access to sensitive data is granted to those individuals who have undergone proper training in the handling of such data and who have acknowledged the confidentiality of the data. Anyone viewing, updating, or releasing information of this type for other than officially authorized University business could be held personally liable and subject to criminal and civil penalties.

When accessing University information from an off campus location, the computer used for said access effectively becomes an extension to the University. As such, it must be maintained in a similar manner as on campus computers with access to University information. While a full policy on desktop computer security is currently still being developed, at the minimum any computer used to access University information must conform to the following standards:

  • Antivirus software must be installed on the computer and must be set to
    update daily.
  • All security patches and updates to the operating system must be
    installed as they become available.
  • Any University information stored on the computer must be stored in an
    encrypted format.
  • Access to University information must be restricted to those
    individuals properly authorized for said access.
  • Prior to disposal of the computer in any manner (i.e., recycling or
    given to someone else), the hard drive must be wiped as added insurance
    that all University information has been removed from the system. If necessary,
    please contact a computing consultant for assistance.

I, (print employee name) __________________________________, agree to
abide by all pertinent policies related to the use of Lehigh University
Information on an off campus computer.

Signed: ____________________________________ Date: ____________

I, (print supervisor name) __________________________________, agree to allow the the individual signed above access to Lehigh University Information from an off campus computer.

Signed: ____________________________________ Date: ____________