Policy for Printing in the Classroom or at Public Sites

  1. Introduction. LTS purchases, installs, monitors, and supports public site printers and printing software. Paper and toner are provided by LTS for some public sites. The public site and classroom printers are primarily for student and faculty use.
  2. Purpose. This policy:
    1. Promotes the responsible and ethical use of printers, printing software, or printing supplies.
    2. Defines the rights, responsibilities, and standards of conduct for Lehigh University, its faculty, staff, students, and other authorized users.
    3. Explains the appropriate procedures for enforcing any and all misuse of the university’s printers, printing software, or printing supplies and outlines appropriate disciplinary procedures for violating this policy.
  3. Responsibilities. All users of LTS printing resources are responsible for being aware of and complying with this policy. Not being aware of any part of this policy does not excuse one from being responsible for its contents.
    1. Lehigh University is responsible for:
      1. Acting as a responsible steward of university resources as it relates to printers, printing software, and printing supplies.
      2. Leading, or taking part in, initiatives that promote sustainable practices such as decreasing printing or reducing waste.
      3. Setting printing standards, limits, allowances, or pricing.
      4. Evaluating, selecting, installing, monitoring, maintaining, and replacing on a reasonable refresh cycle any printers, printing software, or printing supplies.
      5. Maintaining user accountability requirements including user identification and authentication, account administration, and password integrity.
      6. Developing and implementing security policies and standards.
      7. Ensuring that printer supplies are replenished.
      8. Recycling or re-using any unclaimed printouts or paper.
    2. All members of the Lehigh University community who utilize classroom or public site printing are responsible for:
      1. Acting in a responsible, ethical, and legal manner in the use of printers, printing software, or printing supplies (including copyright law). This use implies consent with any and all applicable university policies and regulations.
      2. Refraining from using printers, printing software, or printing supplies for administrative or departmental use, or any other use that does not conform with Lehigh’s educational mission.
      3. Using public site printers, printing software, or printing supplies for legitimate printing associated with Lehigh’s educational mission (students) and/or in-class course support (faculty). Faculty or staff should not use public site printing resources for administrative or departmental purposes.
      4. Avoiding any unauthorized usage of printers, printing software, or printing supplies. This includes, but is not limited to, the transmission of abusive or threatening material or using printers, printing software, or printing supplies in violation of applicable license agreements.
      5. Damaging or stealing printers, printing software, printing supplies, or any related technology.
      6. Performing any acts which are wasteful or monopolize printing resources including printing unnecessary output or printing multiple copies of documents such as resumes, theses, or dissertations.
      7. Using only Lehigh-supplied printing resources. No printing of transparencies, labels, or special papers (large format, irregular thickness, etc.) that may inadvertently damage the printers.
  4. Compliance. If any Computer System or Facility is threatened, the Computer Systems and Facilities may be monitored and user files may be examined under the direction of the Vice Provost for Library and Technology Services. In addition, the University will comply with all governmental and law enforcement subpoenas, warrants, or orders requiring the examination of user files. This may occur if:
    1. There is reasonable cause that a user has violated this policy.
    2. A user or an account appears to be engaged in unusual activity.
    3. It is necessary to protect the integrity, security, or functionality of Lehigh University’s technology resources.
    4. It is necessary to protect Lehigh University from liability.
    5. It is required by law.
  5. Enforcement and Disciplinary Procedures. Any user who violates any part of this policy may be subject to the following:
    1. Suspension or revocation of the user’s computer account and/or suspension or revocation of access to the university’s library or technology resources.
    2. Disciplinary action as described in Lehigh University’s Student Handbook.
    3. Disciplinary procedures outlined in Lehigh University’s Faculty Handbook or any other documents outlining conduct for faculty, staff, administration, or student employees.
    4. Civil or criminal prosecution under federal and/or state law.
  6. Procedure to Update and/or Amend. Lehigh University reserves the right to update and/or amend this document to reflect university policy changes and/or state or federal law. Additional LTS policies and guidelines are available here:
    1. Policies on the Use of Computer Systems and Facilities
    2. LTS Users Guide to Public Computing Sites and Classrooms
    3. LTS Support Policies for Public Computing Sites and Classrooms

Updated: July 2011 by LTS Printing Committee