Course Site is Lehigh's learning management system (LMS). It is a rebranded instance of Moodle, the well known and widely used open-source learning management system. You can access Course Site from a number of Lehigh web sites, including the Lehigh homepage, and directly via the URL:

Course Site provides a framework and structure for any course or learning opportunity, whether that course is online, face-to-face, or some combination of modalities. Course Site has built-in features for posting resources, creating student engagement, fostering collaboration and discussion, and submission of assignments and assessments. Additionally, several LTS-supported educational technology tools integrate with Course Site, expanding the features available to support your course pedagogy, course design, and course development. Currently these tools include:

  • Zoom (web conferencing)
  • Panopto (instructional video recording)
  • Turnitin (promote academic integrity, discourage plagiarism)
  • Perusall (social reading annotation) 
  • Piazza (forums and Q&A platform)
  • Poll Everywhere (audience response)
  • GradeScope (digital feedback and grading)
  • Google Workspace (collaborative web-based tools)
  • Learning Unlimited (enhanced textbook content and activities through the Lehigh bookstore)

Course Site is also connected to Banner so courses are automatically provisioned exactly as specified in the university course catalog, course enrollments are automatically synced, and users are provisioned automatically based on role. This setup ensures compliance with university policies and applicable federal law including FERPA/HIPAA.

Prior to the beginning of each semester, faculty can request that a Course Site be made available to them for each course that they are teaching. Student enrollment and access to Course Site are determined by registration through Banner.