As of July 1, 2024, Lehigh University Retirees will no longer be able to to use some of the services offered by Library and Technology Services (LTS).  When you are planning to retire, please review the list below to review what you will have access to upon retirement. If you have any personal data residing in any of these platforms or services, you need to migrate the data to a personal account or storage device. If you have any Lehigh data residing on these platforms, you need to transfer the ownership of the data or move it to a University system where it can be transferred to a department or another individual at the University.

Computing and Library Services for Retirees

ServiceWill you retain this service?Action needed?
Lehigh E-mail

LTS Help Desk

Limited (see FAQ)


ServiceWill you retain this service?Action needed?
LUapps (AWS)



Move materials to personal webspace
Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 online version only
Google Docs and Drive

You will maintain access to Google Docs, however as noted, your storage quota will decrease to 15 GB (see storage)

ServiceWill you retain the service?Action needed?
The Lehigh VPN

Duo two-factor authentication


ServiceWill you retain the service?Action needed?

Move your files to personal storage
Google Storage

Storage will reduce to 15 GB
H: and I: Drives

Move your files to personal storage
HPC Ceph Storage

Move your files to personal storage

This is part of MS Office 365
Personal ~ Webspace

Move your files to personal storage

ServiceWill you retain the service?Action needed?

Zoom Basic (see FAQ)

Download/Move Zoom recordings to your department

Download/Move recordings to your personal storage
Course Site

Move materials to your personal storage

ServiceWill you retain the service?Action needed?
Access to Library Collections, Journals and Publications


Returning as an Adjunct or Temporary Employee

If a retired employee returns as an adjunct or temporary employee,  employee account access will be returned to normal for the duration of your part-time employment.

Sponsored Accounts

If a department would like a faculty member to retain access for specific academic or research needs, a sponsored account may be requested for an annual cost of $150. A department representative must request a sponsored account at (choose “Special Account requests”). Sponsored accounts have the same access as faculty/staff accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between my original Zoom account and the Basic one a retiree will receive?

If you are the Host of a meeting, the meeting will be limited to 40 minutes instead of unlimited. You will also not have the ability to save your meetings to cloud storage.

Zoom Licensed vs. Basic

What is the difference between Microsoft 365 local and online versions?

For your current Microsoft 365 license, you are allowed to install Microsoft Office 365 via the web, in addition to install the desktop apps on up to 5 devices. With an A1 license (online version), you are allowed to access Microsoft Office365 via the web ONLY. You cannot install Microsoft Office365 desktop apps.

What happens if I have more than 15 GB of Google Drive storage

You will need to move your data from Google drive to a personal Google drive or other cloud service.

Google Drive quota information

How do I export my WordPress content?

Access to WordPress will be discontinued. Therefore, WordPress websites belonging to Lehigh retirees need to be moved to another provider.

Information for exporting WordPress content

What LTS Help Desk services are available to me as a retiree?

The LTS Help Desk support will be limited to assisting with core LTS services (e.g., password resets). We cannot assist with home wireless, printing/printers, viruses, software, or personal device issues. For retirees with sponsored accounts, the Help Desk can support only Lehigh-owned devices. We suggest local independent computer-support businesses as an alternative.

Independent computer-support businesses

Can I keep or buy my computer as a retiree or resigning Faculty or Staff?

Faculty have the option to buy their computer upon retirement. Faculty who meet the retirement criteria to retire from Lehigh are given a $1000 credit toward the purchase of their hardware (as a taxable benefit). You may submit a help ticket if you would like to take advantage of this opportunity (see below). An original invoice is required and the system (s) will need to be erased and reset to original factory settings and all data removed. Resigning faculty and retiring or resigning staff are NOT eligible to purchase hardware upon leaving Lehigh.

Submitting a help ticket to receive a value.