• Express Purchase may be used by faculty, staff, and students to request print book or ebook formats. The majority of requests are filled within five business days. We ask that requests be limited to five titles per month in order to serve all requestors equally.
    • For books, please check ASA, Lehigh’s online catalog, before submitting a purchase request. If a title is in ASA but without a Dewey call number, then the title may already be on order or have just been received.  The ordering/receipt status shows below the bibliographic information.  If there is no such status indicated, then an order is about to be created.
    • This program allows researchers to suggest purchases for print books that are needed for long term use by the requestor and where standard interlibrary loan use is insufficient. A subject librarian will review requests to make sure the book is within the library's collection development profile. 
  • Lehigh Libraries invite faculty to play an active role in the development of the library collection by requesting journals required for their own and their students' research.
  • Streaming Media: Please use the streaming media request form. we recommend a three week lead time.
  • If you have a request for software, please visit Software Purchase or Distribution Requests for guidance. The software committee of Lehigh's Library and Technology Services (LTS) will evaluate your request. See  Software Acquisition, Development, Upgrade and Distribution for information about LTS’s software purchase and support policies.
  • Please contact the Acquisitions department via email at inord@lehigh.edu if you have any questions.

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