Connect Lehigh

A central hub for faculty, staff, and students that consolidates and organizes frequently-used campus applications and information in one place.

Self-Service Banner

Self-Service Banner (SSB) is available to all students, faculty, and staff. It provides a personalized experience based on your role at Lehigh to view grades, class rosters, financial aid, paystubs, etc.


DocuSign is a document signing solution that allows you to securely approve and sign official documents digitally online.


Jira handles help requests, technology issues, LTS consultations, and project management.


Argos is an operational reporting tool, that allows for on-demand web-based reporting, administrative updates via a dashboard, data analysis, database integrations, etc.

Banner Admin (AppNav)

Banner is the integrated information system used by Lehigh to manage student information, accounts receivable, financial aid, alumni, finance, and human resources.

Banner Document Management (Xtender)

Banner Document Management (BDM or Xtender) stores images and documents designed to be used with other Ellucian products like Banner Admin or Ellucian Workflow.


LTS offers a wide variety of integration help with 3rd party systems (including Banner, SSO, Salesforce, etc.) and can create custom integrations if necessary.

Digital Transformation

Working to align university digital transformation initiatives with their broader Lehigh strategic goals