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One of LTS’ primary functions at the university is to assist faculty, staff and students with procuring access to needed software and information systems and to help to provide that access to all members of the university community as appropriate. We use numerous systems and methods (channels) for distribution of software, and rely heavily on our users to determine which software is needed.

The ‘Lehigh University Install Software site’ (a.k.a. “LUIS” or "the software page") provides a list of software that LTS has procured, supports, recommends, or works with in some fashion, as well as information about how to access it, and download links for available installers.

We collect requests for license procurement and software installation and distribution, and work with Lehigh’s Purchasing Department, as well as the Registrar and individual department administrative staff to make sure that the right software is available in the right place.

As well, we use additional systems to continually ensure that all software is as up-to-date and secure as it can be.

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