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First Namesort ascending Last Name Title Phone E-mail
William Bettermann Manager: College of Arts & Sciences Support Team, Senior Computing Consultant 610-758-4619
William Hark Manager 610-758-3984
Wayne Mery Senior Analyst 610-758-3983
Tricia Wilson Database Report Writer 610-758-4751
Timothy Palumbo Senior Computing Consultant 610-758-3002
Thomas Donahue Senior Developer (Drupal) 610-758-2008
Theresa Sarik Technical Services Assistant 610-758-3036
Tania Rossi Lending Services Coordinator 610-758-3208
Steven Lichak Senior Media Production Specialist 610-758-5023
Stephen Lewis Manager: Endpoint Engineering and Administrative Support Team 610-758-4750
Stephen Sakasitz Sr. Instructional Technologist 610-758-6144
Stephen Anthony Senior Analyst 610-758-4805
Stacey Kimmel-Smith Assistant Director 610-758-4768
Stacey Alderfer Senior Analyst 610-758-3981
Sharon Wiles-Young Director, Library Access 610-758-3046
Scott Reese Computing Consultant 610-758-5152
Sarah Loosbrock Computer Operator 610-758-3115
Sara Solares Lending Services Assistant 610-758-5467
Sachin Joshi Analyst 610-758-1098
Ryan Pacala Computer Operator 610-758-4018
Robert Siegfried Senior Instructional Technology Consultant 610-758-4103
Robert Weidman Digital Library Technical Coordinator 610-758-3043
Richard Bauer Senior Database Analyst 610-758-3051
Richard Houck Lending Services Assistant 610-758-4924
Rebecca Bruneio Lending Services Assistant 610-758-3067
Rebecca Bastian Interlibrary Loan/Metadata Specialist 610-758-5697
Raymond Randall Senior Computing Consultant 610-758-5004
Phillip Hewitt Sr Eng and Elec Coll Librarian 610-758-3068
Patrick Murphy Lead Network Technician 610-758-5380
Pamela Steigerwalt Director Administrative Services 610-758-3824
Noel Kratzer Senior Technician 610-758-6466
Nathaniel Righi Technology Support Specialist 610-758-4242
Munroe Sollog Senior Network Engineer 610-758-5002
Muhammed Ashraf Senior Computing Consultant 610-758-4093
Michelle Suranofsky Senior Analyst 610-758-3817
Michael Aversa Senior Analyst 610-758-5304
Matthew Romero Technology Support Specialist 610-758-6146
Mark Canney Manager: Library Lend Svcs 610-758-3028
Mark Piskorski Sr. Hardware Technician 610-758-3973
Mark Scott Manager: COB/Business Data Lib 610-758-3053
Mark Miller Manager: Network Engineering 610-758-4987
Margaret Misinco Lending Services Assistant 610-758-3029
Margaret Petrovich Security Coordinator 610-758-3011
Margaret Kane Assistant Director 610-758-6952
Manuel Pena Director, Enterprise Systems 610-758-5011
Luis Rosario Sr Structured Cable Technician 610-758-6204
Lorin Miller Computer Operator 610-758-3114
Lori Carroll Manager: Infrastructure Operations 610-758-4011
Lois Black Curator, Special Collections 610-758-5185
Lizanne Hurst Manager: Telecommunications & Network Infrastructure 610-758-5014
Lisa McColl Cataloging/Metadata Librarian 610-758-2639
Larry Simek Lead Hardware Technician 610-758-4137
Kurt Weber Assistant Director 610-758-3013
Kent Smith Network Technician 610-758-6209
Kelly Decker Library/Computing Assistant 610-758-3990
Keith Erekson Senior Analyst 610-758-3228
Keith Meeker Senior Computer Technician 610-758-4614
Keith Wojaczyk Sr. Hardware Technician 610-758-3516
Kathleen Frederick Communications Strategist 610-758-2312
Kathleen Dugan Library Coordinator 610-758-4925
Justin Patterson Business Manager 610-758-3010
Julia Maserjian Manager 610-758-2635
Jon Hutchinson Senior Network Technician 610-758-5099
John Zekind Data Architect 610-758-4634
John Troiano Senior Analyst 610-758-5060
John Santamaria Media Services Consultant 610-758-6424
Jeremy Mack Geospatial Data and Visualization Specialist
Jeffrey Deschler Senior Network Engineer 610-758-1270
Jason Spiegel Senior Technician
Jason Stanford Senior Computing Consultant 610-758-5845
Jason Slipp Senior Instructional Technology Consultant 610-758-5343
Jasmine Woodson Assistant Director of Instruction and Outreach & Education Librarian 610-758-4889
Jarret Brown Media Production Specialist 610-758-3059
Janice Mitchell Lead Computer Operator 610-758-4019
Jane Nigrelli IT License/Contract Coordinator 610-758-6247
James Eshleman Senior Analyst, Systems Engineering 610-758-4138
James Wagner Senior Analyst 610-758-4133
James Vincent Sr Info Security Analyst 610-758-3982
James Secrest Senior Technician 610-758-5938
James Monek Director 610-758-5010
Jacob Ruttle Library/Computing Assistant 610-758-3061
Issa Awwad Senior Computing Consultant 610-758-5272
Ilhan Citak Librarian, Archives & Special Collections 610-758-4506
Ilena Key Chief Technology Officer 610-758-5045
Hope Sagnip Interlibrary Loan/Metadata Specialist 610-758-3055
Holly Zakos Sr. Instructional Technologist 610-758-2896
Helen Zuercher Executive Secretary 610-758-3025
Heather Simoneau Humanities Librarian 610-758-3052
Gregory Reihman Vice Provost, LTS and Director, Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning 610-758-6840
Gregory Skutches Director, Writing Across the Curriculum 610-758-4932
Gregory Edwards Senior Cataloging Assistant
Grant Hittinger Senior Computing Consultant 610-758-5039
Glenn Piper Senior Computing Consultant 610-758-3071
Gale Fritsche Assistant Director 610-758-5038
Gail Sheek Coordinator 610-758-5030
Forest Crowley Information Security Analyst 610-758-3838
Evan Conyers Acquisitions/Cataloging Assistant 610-758-3032
Eunice Rankin Collections Assistant 610-758-4895
Erin Clavier Acquisitions/Library Assistant 610-758-3064
Erica Gluszynski Manager, Information Systems 610-758-6367
Eric Zematis Chief Information Security Officer 610-758-3994
Edward Ballinger Media Production Specialist 610-758-6440
Doreen Herold Manager: Library Tech Svcs 610-758-3040
Donna Cressman Coordinator 610-758-3006
Diana Toolan Lending Services Coordinator 610-758-4694
Devin Jayetileke Computing Consultant 610-758-2594
Dennis Price Manager: Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Sciences Support Team, Senior Computing Consultant 610-758-4615
Denise Campion Senior Computing Consultant 610-758-3985
David Ramsay Systems Manager 610-758-4507
David Morrisette Systems Administrator 610-758-3218
David Jones Lead Network Technician 610-758-6990
David Keppel Lead Computer Operator 610-758-4022
David Bernini Senior Project Specialist 610-758-4143
Dario Varga Senior Computing Consultant 610-758-5796
Daniel Brashler Senior Computing Consultant 610-758-3992
Daniel Dougherty Database Report Writer 610-758-4724
Daniel Huang Resource Acquisitions Manager 610-758-3035
Daniel Olsheski Senior Developer/Designer (Web) 610-758-5066
Daniel Mills Lending Services Assistant 610-758-5008
Daniel Schwartz Senior Analyst 610-758-5061
Dale Jacobs Sr. Developer/Designer (Web) 610-758-5434
Cristina Koorie Sr. Instructional Technologist 610-758-3617
Colin Foley Information Security Architect 610-758-3072
Clark Damron Computing Consultant 610-758-4609
Chulin Meng Director, Library Technology 610-758-4998
Christopher Creswell Sr Library Systems Analyst 610-758-1432
Christopher Martin Library/Computing Assistant 610-758-4891
Carolyn Baldwin-SoRelle Social Sciences Librarian 610-758-3475
Bryan Pitkin Senior Technician 610-758-5933
Bruce Taggart Emeritus Vice Provost/Senior Advisor 610-758-3025
Bruce Eisenhard Manager 610-758-4054
Brian Simboli Science Librarian 610-758-5003
Brian Posivak Network Technician 610-758-6203
Boaz Nadav Manes University Librarian (610)758-3099
Barbara Parenti Bindery/Serials Assistant 610-758-3073
Ashley Ryan Manager 610-758-6149
Anthony Casamassa Senior Analyst 610-758-4968
Anthony Myers Computer Operator 610-758-4015
Andrew Januszak Senior Computing Consultant 610-758-5459
Amanda Caton Manager: Systems Engineering 610-758-3987
Allen Kingsbury Media Production Specialist 610-758-3058
Alice Krim Lending Services Assistant 610-758-5469
Alexander Pacheco Manager: Research Computing 610-758-6735
Alex Japha Digital Archivist 610-758-5337
Alex Morykin Senior Specialist 610-758-6734