Data Visualization & XR Learning Lab

The Data Visualization & XR Learning Lab is a place where both students and faculty can explore VR and its related technologies. The lab is available for classroom VR experiences and offers access to a wide variety of academically relevant content utilizing both the Meta Quest 2 and the HTC Vive. Students can experience VR individually, or in small groups, under the guidance of an experienced lab assistant. Faculty can request a consultation with an instructional technologist in the lab to discuss how VR can be best utilized and are welcome to explore and test the many applications themselves.

The Student Developer Lab

The Student Developer Lab is a dedicated space for Lehigh students interested in the design, development, and testing of gamified or simulation based applications, experiences and projects - both in the realms of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, or even 2D. The lab offers students the ability to work collaboratively, as well as independently, on all aspects of development utilizing an array of devices and technologies. Students have unlimited access to the space to design, create, share ideas, and test each other's work.