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Upcoming seminars

Productivity Seminars (click to register) Instructor Date Location
Exploring LinkedIn Learning tac616/sek2 7/13/22 9:30-10:30am Zoom
Introduction to DocuSign dec308 7/14/22 10-11am Zoom
Easy accessibility: Tips for content creators sek2/jtr2 7/14/22 1-2:30pm Zoom
Spreadsheet Tips and Tricks (Excel) dsr1 7/20/22 10-11:30am Zoom
Capture and edit images on a Mac!  jtr2 7/21/22 1-2pm Zoom
Better security with Duo and Lastpass jmm616 7/25/22 10-11am Zoom


Past seminar recordings

OpenRefine I Recording  
Getting Started with Slack Recording  
Computer Data Best Practices Recording  
Dropbox (Introduction to Dropbox) (3/10/22) Recording  Slides
Easy Accessibility: Tips for Content Creators (11/10/21) Recording (3/16/22) Presentation slides
Git   Presentation slides
Macs at Lehigh Recording Presentation slides
Windows Productivity Tips Recording  
LUapps (9/22/21) Recording   
SQL Basics 101 (4/22/22) Recording Presentation slides
Web Accessibility Recording Presentation slides
DocuSign Recording  
Data Management and Backup Recording Presentation slides
Using Dropbox Recording Slides
Exploring LinkedIn Learning (10/7/21) Recording

Presentation slides 

LinkedIn Learning General and Faculty Focus Recording