Spring 2024 semester

Each semester the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning invites faculty to submit proposals for collaboration with CITL and LTS staff on various aspects of their pedagogy and research with the goal of providing access to staff and technology resources to enhance and advance their teaching. 

For the Spring 2024 semester, we encouraged faculty to submit proposals in five particular areas:

  • the use of generative AI, 
  • the use of virtual reality and immersive learning environments, 
  • the inclusion of inquiry-based learning activities and assignments, 
  • the creation of cross-disciplinary course moments, and
  • the use of LTS flexible learning spaces to promote active learning

2024 Spring Fellows

Professor Joseph and CITL Staff

Joseph Amodei, MFA

Design and development of Immersive Media Design projects for students.

Dr. Haiyan Jia in her office

Dr. Haiyan Jia

Create an engaging student experience by incorporating hands-on activities with AI data journalism and data storytelling.

Professor Kowalski Headshot

Jennifer Kowalski, MFA

Create lessons focused on user-centered design for user experience

Dr. LaToya Council

Implement more student-driven and tangible outcome style projects for assessments.

Student using virtual reality

Dr. Larry Tartaglia

Utilize VR as a means to teach lecture content through fully immersing students in learning where they can see, decipher, and interpret real-life virological principles.

Teresa Cusumano, M.A., M.S. & Jessica Harbaum, M.Ed

Develop interactive approaches for students to participate in this Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) course.

Dr. Angelina Rodriguez

Students will work on qualitative interview skills, synthesis and coding, and encourage them to "think deeply about how they plan to sustain themselves and each other as global health professionals."

Limei Shan M.A & Dr. Zilong Pan

Incorporate a generative AI-enhanced model to facilitate Chinese language teaching and learning.

Dr. Tomas Gonzalez-Fernandez

Create high production value instructional videos so as to implement a 'flipped classroom'

Dr. Almut Hupbach

Re-design of the major class project incorporating an inquiry-based learning project to enhance student engagement.

Dr. Kayleigh O'Keeffe and her BIOS 296 students

Dr. Kayleigh O'Keeffe

Develop a scaffolded communication project assignment, in which students choose a topic and communicates the topic to a non-scientific audience.

Dr Liguori Headshot

Dr. Krista Liguori

Students will experience empathy building VR and work in groups to research an ethical- or justice-related historic event and create a podcast.

Dr. Michelle Spicer

Incorporate inquiry-based group projects into a course that broadly introduces non-majors to local, regional, and global biodiversity.

Student using virtual reality

Dr. Ginny McSwain

Develop an inquiry-based, student-led project that incorporates VR technology to visualize astrophysics data in a new way.

Dr. Thomas Chen

Develop a podcast assignment that will support students as they "thoughtfully carry out their own memoir writing," and thus engage in a "reflexive dialogue with the literature."

E.J. Rovella, MBA, MHA

Create lessons focused on discussion, interaction, peer feedback and generative AI.