On behalf of Library and Technology Services, I'd like to welcome all new and returning students to the spring 2024 semester.

Read on for some information about our hours, upcoming events, and some reminders of the many resources and services that are available to you.

What’s open when?

LTS provides students with study areas, access to resources, experts ready to help, and events that promote inquiry, deepen learning, and build community. 

Fairchild-Martindale Library (FML) and Linderman Library hours (Lehigh ID tap entry is required after 9:00PM):

  • Monday-Thursday: 7:45AM - 2AM (both libraries)
  • Friday: FML: 7:45AM - 12AM; Linderman: 7:45AM - 10PM
  • Saturday: FML: 9AM - 12AM; Linderman: 9AM - 10PM
  • Sunday: 9AM - 2AM (both libraries)

The Computing Center Pit (lower level) is open to the campus community 24 hours, 7 days a week during fall, spring, and summer semesters, offering round-the-clock space for work and study. Lehigh ID tap is required when the building is open but the doors are locked. Have a look!

Want a change of scenery? Check out the Top 10 Study Spots on Campus.

View Library, CC and Digital Media Studio hours on the LTS website.

Dining at the libraries

The Grind @ FML and Lucy’s Cafe on the lower level of Linderman Library will maintain their regular hours of operation. View all Lehigh Dining hours (hours subject to change).

Getting (re)started in the Lehigh Libraries

Insight Into Diversity magazine has recognized Library and Technology Services with its inaugural 2024 Library Excellence in Access and Diversity Award (LEAD). The LEAD Award honors academic libraries’ programs, policies, and initiatives that encourage and support diversity, inclusion, and equity across their campus and surrounding community. Learn more about the actions LTS has taken in recent years to strengthen connections across the community on Lehigh News

The Lehigh Libraries offer access to an extensive collection of digital journals, print books, ebooks, databases, tools, and rare and archival materials. Deepen your reading and research by searching our collection, keep up with news such as the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, and explore fiction, poetry, non-fiction and beyond by BIPOC and LGBTQ+ writers in our OverDrive ebook and audiobook Library. You can also use the PALCI EZBorrow interlibrary loan system to request books from over 67 partner institutions. This year’s new library resources include PitchBook, a leading resource on venture capital, private equity and M&A landscape data; TDM Studio, a text and data mining tool; the complete digital archives of Jet and Ebony magazines, major publications chronicling Black American life; enhanced access to the CNKI collection of Chinese academic journals; and Mango, an app-optimized language-learning platform.

Interested in exploring our Libraries' unique and special collections? Consider making a research appointment in our newly renovated Bayer Special Collections & Instruction Reading Room.  

We want to hear from you too: if you’re interested in representing the student body and giving your voice to help shape the Libraries, join our Student Library Advisory Board!

Arts & Events

On February 12th, our Friends of the Lehigh University Libraries will feature a campus visit and talk, Libraries Do Good Work, from American Library Association President Emily Drabinski. She will discuss the state of libraries as crucial institutions and offer strategies for advocating for the right to read. Learn more and register. Visit Friends Events to catch up on recordings of talks by visiting speakers and faculty on earlier topics. 

Centrally located in Linderman Library, and inspired by Lehigh’s new partnership with Delaware Nation, Lehigh University commissioned artist Daniel StrongWalker Thomas (citizen of the Delaware Nation) to create artwork illustrating our shared past, present, and future. The work Transgenerational Wealth and Trauma, serves as part of Lehigh's ongoing efforts to recognize the Lenape and its land and the intention to continue collaborative relationships between faculty and staff from the university, Delaware Nation, and Lenape people.

Sponsored by the Friends of the Lehigh University Libraries, Lehigh Libraries, will feature the exhibit “Rediscovering Miles Rock.” Miles Rock’s comprehensive collection, recently donated to Special Collections by his great-great grandsons, exemplifies the journey of a member of the first Lehigh class from humble beginnings, through the civil war, and as an international explorer, scientist, and a diplomat.

What’s new in software and technology?

Register for technology, research computing, or library resource training in the Spring 2024 Seminar Series. We offer over two dozen seminars highlighting Lehigh tools, software, and services designed to help you work more efficiently and maximize your productivity in the office, the classroom, or in your research.

LTS Alerts has been replaced with a Lehigh LTS Status Page, a standalone cloud-based system separate from our Lehigh infrastructure that displays current system status even in the event of an incident affecting our network infrastructure. Learn more.

Have you updated your Duo primary second factor yet? Beginning March 4, 2024, insecure two-factor authentication methods will no longer function. The following options will be removed: SMS (text), phone call, Duo mobile app passcode generation, and Duo token number generator. If you use one of these methods as your primary second factor, update it with one of the secure options as soon as possible. Learn how.

Whether you are starting your Lehigh journey or preparing to graduate, LinkedIn Learning has a large number of resources to access for just-in-time learning, stop, start, and learn when it works for you. It can help you succeed in your courses, define your career path, build a professional network, and conduct a strategic job search. Learn more and get started.

What’s new in teaching and learning?

Over winter break, Lehigh’s Learning Management System, Course Site, was upgraded to provide a redesigned and freshly intuitive look and feel, making it more efficient for faculty to create learning experiences and for students to intuitively prioritize and complete course work. Be sure to check out our tutorial video and resources for details.

Do you have an interest in designing and developing for XR or 2D or 3D games, apps, and experiences? Are you already designing and developing for VR or AR or even 2D? Get experience with hands-on tools, software, and resources to explore the fields of VR, AR, 3D modeling, 360 video production, and more in the CITL Student Developer Lab, located in the Computing Center, just east of FML. Learn more and apply for unlimited access to the lab. You can also stay current with the field of XR at Lehigh and beyond by joining Lehigh's VR/AR Community of Practice, an avenue for learning and sharing.

Data skills aren’t just for a small handful of careers anymore. Today, they’re essential in every discipline. LTS is currently licensing DataCamp, an online learning platform specializing in teaching data literacy for all skill levels. All learning takes place in a web browser, where students will have the opportunity to follow expert-led courses, complete bite-sized exercises, and receive real-time feedback. Learn more and get started

Explore our Digital Media StudioDIY Video & Lightboard Studio, and Audio Recording Studio. And, if you are a graduate student in an instructional role at Lehigh, sign up for our Teacher Development Program for Graduate Students

How can we help?

Our wide range of services, programs, and resources includes research consultations with librarians; digital scholarship, instructional and computing technology support; teacher development services; information security; and advanced research computing resources.

The LTS Help Desk is the first point of contact for all these forms of assistance, and our Student Technology and Repair Service (STARS) can help students with their personal computers. 

Need help but not sure where to begin? Start with the Help Desk at help.lehigh.edu.

As always, we are dedicated to providing innovative, state-of-the-art resources; library, teaching, and technical consultation; and expert assistance for all students, faculty, researchers, and staff. 

Welcome again and best wishes for a rewarding and successful semester! 

Greg Reihman, Ph.D.
Vice Provost for Library and Technology Services

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