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Upcoming seminars

Seminar (click to register) Instructor Date  location
Getting started with Google Sheets dsr1/hmz200 Tuesday, 6/6/2023 2-3pm Zoom
Deep Dive into Google Drive sek2 Thursday, 6/8/2023 9-10:30am Zoom
Advanced Google Sheets dsr1 Monday, 6/19/2023 2-3:30pm Zoom

Past seminar recordings

Google searching: More power in an hour 7/7/22RecordingSlides
Browser Basics with Google ChromeRecordingHandout
Google Calendar: Scheduling Made Easy 2/23/23RecordingSlide Deck
Getting Started with Google SheetsRecordingHandout
Google Sheets: Advanced RecordingHandout
Google Docs Rocks: Features you may not know (focus on Spring '23 features)Recording 3/16/23Handout 1 and Handout 2
Google Docs Rocks: Features you may not knowRecording 2/16/22Handout 1 and Handout 2
Google Drive OverviewRecording 
Google Drive CollaborationRecording 
Google Drive Navigating and Organizing FilesRecording 
Google Drive Tips, Tricks, and HighlightsRecordingHandout
Surveys, Fast and Friendly: Exploring Google Forms for surveysRecording 2.23.21 
Google Docs for Word users: Never email Word files again!Google Docs for Word recordingGoogle Docs for Word handout
Google Calendar: Power in an Hour (3/18/21)Calendar recording12 Calendar tips and tricks handout