Access to Lehigh IT resources is granted to all staff, faculty and students using their Lehigh Computing Account.  These accounts come with a username and password, an email address, electronic file storage, and much more than can be quickly listed.  See the instructions in the Knowledge Base for opening your account.

Lehigh usernames are between 4 and 6 characters, and are unique within Lehigh (e.g. dab406).  When combined with an “” they constitute a user’s basic, official email address (e.g.  Combined further with your password, they provide a great deal of access to information that you create or which is shared with you while at the university.

Be sure to keep your password secret, and avoid entering it into any non-Lehigh system.  LTS staff will never ask for your password. If anything, they will tell you what it is, and when that happens its only temporary till you change it to something only you know. Many systems at Lehigh are now additionally protected by the requirement of a second authentication factor via Duo.

There are also several types of Special Lehigh Computing accounts that can be opened and shared for special purposes, such as departmental or team accounts, or accounts for collaboration with external users.

Also be aware that when users leave Lehigh, their accounts are deactivated, and the contents deleted or re-distributed.  See the Leaving Lehigh page for more information.

Call the LTS Help Desk with any questions or problems:  610-758-4357,

Open Your Lehigh Computing Account

Lehigh computing accounts provide access to a large variety of LTS and other services


Password Requirements

LINs, usernames, and passwords explained

Change Your Password

Change your Lehigh account password

Forgotten Passwords

Reset forgotten credentials

Account Services

LTS account services such as Kumo, eduroam, display account info, and email alias

Request a Special Account

Request visitor, research computing, organizational, or sponsored account

Update Oracle Password for Banner

A unique password that connects to the Banner database used in Desktop Finance, SQL Developer, and other applications that directly connect to the database.

Leaving Lehigh - Prepare to Close Your Account

Prepare your computer account before departing the university