LTS offers this plan to communicate who we are and what we are committed to doing in the coming years. We label it “2023+” because it is a rolling plan, which means we anticipate adjusting details and updating initiatives annually in response to evolving campus needs, emerging technologies, and new actions needed to support Lehigh’s Strategic Plan. And yet, even as our work evolves, our mission, vision, values, and goals will steadily guide our choices, inform the investments we make, and shape how we do our work as we help make the future together with Lehigh’s faculty, students, and staff.

Lehigh’s new Strategic Plan calls for bold innovations in educational approaches; enhancements to equity and inclusion; ambitious growth in our research, graduate enrollment, and interdisciplinary educational programs; enhancement to student success and community partnerships; expanded capacity for data-informed decision making; and a commitment to creating an organization of the future.   

To us, this means the coming years will be an exciting time, full of action and possibilities. Lehigh’s future makers will need access to emerging technologies and academic resources. They will need expert guidance in using tools and information to discover and implement solutions. They will need places, programs, and people that inspire and empower their work.  Lehigh’s future makers can count on the expertise we in LTS offer as trusted partners and committed colleagues.

Greg Reihman, Ph.D
Vice Provost, Library and Technology Services


Library and Technology Services provides

  • leadership in academic innovation
  • research, teaching, & learning resources
  • expert guidance, academic consultations, & IT support
  • library facilities, classrooms, & computing labs
  • stewardship of Lehigh’s history, data, & records
  • events that promote inquiry, deepen learning, & build community
  • robust, reliable information systems & network infrastructure


We envision a Lehigh where

  • everyone has access to top-tier scholarly resources, academic technologies & support
  • information systems are user-friendly & reliable
  • innovation is encouraged & rewarded
  • faculty, students, and staff work together to achieve Lehigh's mission of advancing learning through the integration of teaching, research, and service to others

LTS Core Values

  Our work is guided by these principles

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity & Accessibility
  • Human-centered & User-focused design
  • Expertise & Open Knowledge
  • Future-focused, Solutions-oriented Thinking
  • Collaboration & Clear Communication

LTS Goals and Initiatives

Goal: Strengthen Support for Research & Scholarship


  1. LTS Research & Scholarship Support Team

  2. Enhancements to Discovery and Access

  3. Deepen Support for Communicating Research

Goal:  Spark & Sustain Innovations in Teaching & Learning


  1. CITL 2.0: New Partners, Approaches & Tools

  2. LTS Professional Development Programs

  3. “LET's Labs" = LTS Emerging Technologies Labs

Goal: Systematically Improve Campus Technology, User Experience & Cybersecurity


  1. Develop Master Plans for LTS Spaces, Technologies, Academic Resources

  2. Enhance User Experience through Digital Transformation and Organizational Effectiveness

  3. Enhance InfoSec User Protection & Awareness

Goal: Create & Cultivate Connections–Across Campus, Across Communities, Across Higher Education


  1. Focal Events and Communities of Practice

  2. "Widen the Circle": Enhance Community & Inclusion

  3. Grow Partnerships with Consortia, Funding Agencies, LU Development and Alumni Relations


We are grateful to the individual members of the following groups for their valuable input and feedback.

  • Lehigh Senior Leadership
  • Lehigh Strategic Plan Connections Council (CSPC2)
  • Provost’s Council
  • Council of Deans
  • Faculty Senate Executive Committee
  • LTS Faculty Advisory Committee
  • Advisory Council for Information Services (ACIS)
  • Cyber Governance, Risk, and Compliance Committee (CGRC)
  • Data Governance and Standards Committee (DGSC)
  • Information Systems Steering Committee (ISSC)
  • Undergraduate Student Senate Technology Advisory Committee
  • LTS Staff, Managers and Directors, and Leadership