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Where can I print?

You can print to any available printer in any LTS Computing Site either from a site computer or from any laptop authenticated to Lehigh’s network and properly configured for public site printing.

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Can I print from my laptop, smartphone, or tablet to an LTS Public Site printer?

Yes, you have several options through our printing service, PaperCut. Click on the links below to learn more about each service and choose what works best for you. PaperCut Mobility Print - allows you to add and print to LTS Public Site printers from your computer, smartphone, and tablet Google Cloud Print - uses your Lehigh Google account to print to LTS Public Site printers Print via Email - allows you to send print jobs via email to LTS Public Site printers PaperCut Web Print - allows you to sign into PaperCut and upload print jobs to LTS Public site printers.

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What happens if my print job fails?

If your print job fails, no deduction from your print allowance should occur. If it does, or if you think there is a discrepancy with your allowance, please see a staff member at either of the library's Circulation Desks immediately if the print job was sent to a printer within either library. If you are printing from an LTS Computing Site in another building, a valid refund request must be submitted via your PaperCut account within 48 hours of the print job. A staff member will determine if your account can be credited.

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Where on campus can I print in color?

Color printing is available at the the 400 level of EWFM Library, in the Rotunda (Rm. 135) at Linderman on the main entrance level, and at the Digital Media Studio. Keep in mind that fees for color printing will be higher. You can also make color copies at the Copy Center @ Rauch as well as at the Mail Center in Campus Square for more "professional" or custom printing.

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I'm not affiliated with Lehigh. Can I print?

No.  Due to the fact that users must be authenticated to the PaperCut server with a valid Lehigh user ID, non-affiliated guests will not be able to print at LTS Computing Sites.

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For additional help, please contact the LTS Help Desk at 610-758-4357 or