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Printing Allowance (FAQ)

Why does Lehigh have a print allowance?

There are two reasons Lehigh has a print allowance: (1) to reduce the significant waste associated with printing and (2) to further our collective commitment to sustainable practices at Lehigh.

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What is Lehigh’s print allowance?

All Lehigh students receive 75 points for use on printing per year (accounts will be reset each August sometime after the last day of Summer sessions and before the start of the Fall semester). B/W print jobs start at a cost of .05 points per side and color print jobs start at .25 points per side (with an additional discount for choosing to print double-sided). As most printing is on 8½ x11 paper on black and white printers at the public sites, this equates to approximately 1500 free prints per year.

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Do graduate students get an additional allowance?

Lehigh graduate students can receive an additional 25 points worth of free printing because of their research expectations and instructional responsibilities. The initial 75 point allowance will have to be exhausted before an additional 25 points will be added to the account. The graduate student will have to come to the library circulation desk in Linderman or Fairchild-Martindale and present their Lehigh student ID in order to receive the additional amount. After the maximum amount of a 100 points allowance is exhausted, then the graduate student will have to add their own funds to replenish the account. This is a one-time gift and can be given only in the Fall or Spring semester.

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How did Lehigh arrive at a 75 point print allowance?

Based on data gathered at Lehigh and surveying of other institutions, the 75 point print allowance will satisfy 90% of the campus community’s printing. That is, less than 10% of students print more than 1500 pages in an academic year.

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What does it cost to print at Lehigh?

Students use .05 points per single-sided page and .08 points per double-sided page for black and white printing on 8½ x11 paper at public site printers. Lehigh is basing its 75 point print allowance on data collected at public site printers over the past two years. Refer to the list of public site printers for single print costs as well as duplexing discounts.

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Are there any limits to how many copies of a document I can print?

PaperCut will allow you to print up to 50 copies of a single file at one time. You will be restricted from printing the same file again for 1 minute unless you have re-saved the document using a different filename. In addition, the page count limit for any single file is 400. The file size limit is 100MB.

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How does Lehigh’s print allowance compare to other colleges and universities?

Through our research, we learned that Lehigh has one of the more generous printing allowances and one of the lowest price-per-print after the allowance has been satisfied. Nearly all colleges and universities charge for printing, and many of those do not offer allowances.

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My degree program requires me to print a lot. Is it possible to get more than 75 points worth of free printing?

After the annual print allowance is exhausted, any additional print costs will be your responsibility. You also have the option of printing to a personal printer or taking advantage of the resources available through Lehigh’s Printing & Mailing Services or the Mail Room at Campus Square.

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How often are print allowances reset?

Each August prior to the start of the Fall semester, all Lehigh students receive a 75 point print allowance to be utilized through the following August.

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I didn't use all of my printing allowance. Can I get a cash refund?

No. If you don't use your print allowance each year, you've done your part to contribute to Lehigh's commitment to sustainability and to help save trees and money. Keep in mind: Any money you add to your PaperCut account above the 75 point allowance is also not refundable. Make sure to plan accordingly.

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Can I carry over a balance from year-to-year?

No. There is no trading, combining, or year-to-year carryovers. Credits will only be considered if it’s determined that your print job failed. Printing allowances are reset each August.

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