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Lehigh Office 365 (FAQ)

What is Lehigh Office 365?

Lehigh Office 365 is a subscription service that includes: --Full Microsoft Office suite for up to 5 Windows/Mac computers. --Select Office apps for up to 5 mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows Phone). --1 TB of Lehigh OneDrive cloud storage space

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Who can use Lehigh Office 365?

--Any current or retired LU faculty or staff may use Office 365. --Current students may use Office 365 --Alumni and former employees (not retirees) MAY NOT use Office 365 through LU. They may subscribe directly through Microsoft under an individual agreement.

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How do I request a Lehigh Office 365 account?

You can submit a request for an Office 365 account via the LTS Special Computing Accounts request page. Further guidance for completing this process can be found using the stepwise instructions.

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How do I reset a forgotten password for Lehigh Office 365?

If you have forgotten your password for Office 365, you will need to request a temporary password from LTS by using the same Special Account Request process you used to initially create your Office 365 account. You will be emailed a temporary password. You can then use this to log back into your account and then choose your own password. Do not use the "Can't access your account" link on the Office 365 login page as it will not work.

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As a student, how long is my Lehigh Office 365 account active?

Your subscription to Lehigh Office 365 will remain active for as long as you are a student at Lehigh and are registered for classes. If you graduate or leave the University, your Lehigh Office 365 subscription will end on the date of the drop/add period of the semester which follows your graduation or leaving. You will no longer have access to your 365 account or Lehigh OneDrive space through either the web interface or sync client. Any MS Office programs installed on desktops/laptops, phones, tablets will revert to a reduced functionality mode - you will be able to open/view documents, but not edit or create.

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What’s the difference between Lehigh Office 365 and Office 2016 (Windows) / Office 2016 (Macintosh)?

Office 365 for Windows/Mac computers is the same version of the software as Office 2016 (Win) and Office 2016 (Mac) that is available for use in Offices and public sites or for sale on DVD at the bookstore. NOTE: the DVD sold at the bookstore is for faculty/staff WORK-AT-HOME use meaning that use of that software is restricted to LU-related work. It is not for personal use by either the LU employee or their family. The employee signs a document agreeing to this restriction when they purchase the DVD. Office 365 does not have a work-at-home use restriction but it is connected to the faculty/staff person's ID and should not be installed on computers or devices not used by that individual.

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How many computers can I install MS Office software onto via my Lehigh Office 365 account, and where can it be used?

Office 365 may be used on up to five computers and also up to five mobile devices. This includes both PCs and Macs. Faculty and staff are encouraged to use Office 2016 (Win) /2016 (Mac) from Lehigh's software installation page (LUIS) on LU-owned computers.

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Can Office and Windows OS Upgrade DVDs still be purchased at the Lehigh Bookstore?

Faculty, staff and retirees may still purchase DVDs at the bookstore for LU-related work-at-home use. Microsoft has not yet announced an end date for DVD sales The following DVDs are available for $15 from the Bookstore: Office 2016 (Windows), Office 2016 (Mac), Windows 7 upgrade, Windows 8 upgrade. Please note that there is not an "Office 365" DVD available.

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I have installed Office, and it's prompted me for a password. My Office365 password does not work.

Try rebooting after you install Office -- if that does not work, contact the LTS Help Desk.

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For additional help, please contact the LTS Help Desk at 610-758-4357 or