Analyzing the latest research on creating sustainable energy through nuclear fusion … studying the cultural impact of baseball in America … comparing varying health techniques in countries across the world …

Lehigh faculty and students rely on Linderman, the Fairchild-Martindale and Special Collections’ resources as they seek answers to questions new and old. To tackle today’s biggest global challenges, we need new methods of conducting research in emerging areas of study, new pathways of making that research accessible to the world, and new approaches to preserving knowledge for the future.

Meeting these demands comes at a cost — a cost that consistently outpaces inflation each year. For example, as we build our distinguished research and historical collections, additional funds are needed to acquire and digitize materials, and to support the expertise and infrastructure needed to make these resources available to our faculty and students.

Your gift will directly allow the Lehigh community to access--anywhere and anytime--our research materials and scholarly collections, guided by the expert services of our librarians. 

Join us in advancing and preserving Lehigh’s rich intellectual heritage.

To provide your immediate support, simply click the Make a Gift button below. For more information on how your gift can have a greater impact, please contact Greg Reihman, Vice Provost for Library and Technology Services at

What will a donation to LTS-Scholarly Materials make possible?

One Scholarly Print Book$100
One Film with Educational Streaming Rights (access to all campus)$150
One Scholarly Ebook (access to all campus)$250
Sponsor a Student Library Assistant$2,000
Sponsor a Library event, including a reception$2,000
Special Collections: Acquisition, Preservation, and Conservation$500 - $1,500
Academic Journals Subscription/year (access to all campus)$2,000 - $2M

For naming opportunities, contact Greg Reihman, Vice Provost for Library and Technology Services, at 610-758-6840 or

For sponsorship of specific disciplinary journals, or other Library giving opportunities, contact Boaz Nadav-Manes at 610-758-3099 or