Library and Technology Services is pleased to announce the launch of our new website, combining several separate sites into one, featuring a more modern, intuitive design and streamlined navigation to enhance the user experience.

The new website reflects the improvements requested from the Lehigh community to make it easier to locate and access popular resources and support for research, teaching, learning, and information technology, while also making it easier to ask for help, request a consultation with LTS experts, or learn about LTS events, exhibits, spaces, and more.

In addition to a new homepage, the refreshed site also features four audience-specific landing pages for students, faculty, staff, or visitors. Responsive on both desktop and mobile devices, the site offers enhanced functionality, search, and web accessibility.

“The university counts on LTS for many resources and forms of support. Given the goals of the new Lehigh Strategic Plan–expanding research, innovating in education, enhancing data-informed decision making, and creating a future-ready university– it is crucial that members of the Lehigh community can easily find and connect with LTS expertise and resources,” said Greg Reihman, Vice Provost for Library and Technology Services. “With this in mind, it was important for us to bring cohesion and simplicity to the user experience by modernizing our website design and synthesizing our web pages. The goal is to have a future-ready site where visitors can quickly get the information and support they need across the range of services we provide, including innovative pedagogies, library research, information technology, high-performance computing, academic spaces, enterprise systems, software solutions, and community-building events. In short, LTS is ready to make the future together with our many campus partners.”

In collaboration with Mediacurrent, our agency partner, the LTS Website Redesign Team worked closely with student groups, academic units, and administrative divisions, and issued campus-wide calls for user input into what was needed in our new site. In addition, numerous campus stakeholders participated in focus groups during the early phases of the project. We used their feedback and data from analytics to guide decisions and create a user-friendly website that serves the Lehigh community’s needs. 

We invite you to explore our new website and give us your feedback!


Library and Technology Services