An ordinary day quickly turned extraordinary through the actions of two alert Lehigh Library employees over winter break. Manish Turlapati  ’G25, Library Student Supervisor, and Tyler Keck, Lending Services Coordinator, were recently recognized by the Lehigh University Police Department (LUPD) for rendering timely assistance to a person in distress when minutes mattered.

On the afternoon of December 29th, Manish and Tyler were working their shifts at Linderman Library when Manish noticed someone in the Reading Room undergoing a medical emergency. He immediately contacted the Lehigh University Police Department and notified Tyler, who checked vitals, then together they helped lower the person safely to the floor. Manish and Tyler secured the area and stayed on scene with LUPD officers until paramedics arrived. 

“Library student-workers and supervisors are trained to be observant and respond quickly to emergencies,” says Mark Canney, Manager of Lending Services at Lehigh Libraries. “Tyler also has completed CPR training so he was well prepared to manage the situation until responders arrived.”  

Their quick thinking, clear-headedness, and willingness to lend a hand did not go unnoticed by the responding officers. LUPD Lieutenant Brian Kelly was particularly impressed and recommended Manish and Tyler for recognition for their actions in aiding a member of the Lehigh community in need.

In acknowledgment of the significance of their assistance, the Lehigh University Police Department awarded Manish and Tyler with a Letter of Commendation on April 9 in Linderman Library.

Boaz Nadav Manes, Lehigh University Librarian, commented: “I am very proud of the swift and deliberate actions both Manish and Tyler took to recognize and offer timely assistance for a patron in need. I thank LUPD for their quick assistance and response to our urgent call.” 

Assistant Chief of Police Chris Houtz emphasized the collaborative nature of the event, stating, "Lehigh University Police Department understands that caring for our community is a team effort. Our HawkWatch motto is ‘We watch out for each other.’ That is exactly what happened in this case." Houtz said Manish and Tyler went above and beyond to help a person in need and that LUPD felt it deserved recognition with their deepest appreciation.

By acting in the spirit of community, compassion, and collective responsibility, Manish and Tyler's actions embody the values of the Lehigh Libraries, LTS, and Lehigh University. Their recognition serves as a reminder of the importance of unity and support, especially during times of crisis.

Thank you, Manish and Tyler, and congratulations on your recognition.