Beginning January 8, 2024, Lehigh will be setting quotas on all accounts using Google Workspace (Drive, Photos, and Gmail). We are doing this because Google is no longer offering unlimited storage for universities like Lehigh that use Google Workspace and will instead begin limiting our free storage to a shared finite amount.

What does this mean for my Google data?

In anticipation of the new storage limit, LTS will implement the following quotas effective January 8, 2024 (Note: Some of these quotas have changed since time of publication. Visit this resource page for a current list of quotas):

  • Faculty/Staff - 75 GB
  • Undergraduate Students - 25 GB
  • Graduate Students - 50 GB
  • Shared Drives - 25 GB  (Shared drives must be requested using this form)
  • Retirees* - 15 GB
  • Affiliates* - 5 GB
  • Departmental - 25 GB (IN* accounts)

*If a retiree or affiliate is actively working with a college/department and has greater storage needs, the College department can sponsor an account, which would increase the quota to the same as Faculty/Staff.

These ample quotas ensure the majority of the Lehigh community will not be impacted by these limits.

What should I do?

First, review your total Google storage to determine how much space you are currently using. Next, see if there are files that you can delete or move to a different location. If you are currently over quota, refer to the Lehigh Storage Finder to help you identify other spaces where you can move data to free up space. You can also work with your Client Services support team to find an appropriate solution.

What happens if I exceed my quota?

Gmail: You will still be able to send and receive email.
Drive: You won’t be able to upload or create new files in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, or Forms. You also won’t be able to edit or copy any files.
Photos: You won’t be able to add any more or backup existing photos or videos.
When your account is 80%-100% full, in-app notifications will be visible in both Drive, Photos, and Drive for Desktop to warn you of disruption of these services.

If you or your department feels Google Drive is the best solution for you, your department can request that individuals be placed in a quota exception group where your department agrees to pay the additional storage costs that you incur.

Where can I get more help and information?

Please refer to this resource page where LTS will provide the most up-to-date resources, step-by-step guides, data migration tools as they become available, and FAQs to help make this transition easier.

Is there a way to delay these changes?

For many universities these charges went into effect over a year ago. However, due to LTS participation in the Internet2 community, limits imposed by Google will not go into effect until July 1, 2024. After this date, Google will begin limiting free storage and charging us when we exceed that limit.

We anticipate that, while Google’s policy change will be inconsequential for most of the campus community, others may find their work significantly impacted by this change. LTS is dedicated to partnering with you to find a favorable solution for all your storage needs.

If you have any questions, please contact the LTS Help Desk at (610) 758-4357 or

Library and Technology Services