Duo is the authentication interface that asks you to verify your identity each time you log in to certain Lehigh resources or services, dramatically lowering the risk of unauthorized access to Lehigh’s institutional data. On Tuesday, October 25, Library and Technology Services will implement Duo's new browser experience called the Universal Prompt.

The Duo Universal Prompt is the next-generation version of Duo’s interactive, web-based authentication interface. The new Universal Prompt updates the look and feel of the two-factor authentication (2FA) screen, increases accessibility, and streamlines the verification process.

What to expect with Duo’s Universal Prompt:

  • You do not need to perform any action to receive the web browser change to the Universal Prompt. All versions of the Duo Mobile app will continue to function normally alongside the Universal Prompt.
  • The first time you see the Universal Prompt, your most secure enrolled method will automatically get a prompt.
  • Click 'Other Options' to use a different method. You will no longer need to select an authentication method when you sign into a 2FA-enabled system.
  • Once you sign into a 2FA-enabled system with your Lehigh username and password, you will receive a browser notification that an authentication prompt has been sent to your registered device using the most recent method as a default. After you approve it, you can trust the browser.
  • For applications that allow the "remember me" function, you will now see this option after you authenticate into a 2FA-enabled system.

For additional information and side-by-side views of current Duo prompts with the new Universal Prompt, please visit our Duo Guide.

If you have any questions about the new Duo Universal Prompt, please contact the LTS Help Desk at (610) 758-4357 or by email at helpdesk@lehigh.edu.

Library and Technology Services