Library and Technology Services (LTS) invites students to enter a design contest for a new art installation to be on display in the Fairchild-Martindale Library (FML) atrium. While this contest is open to all Lehigh students, we encourage those enrolled in courses in art, architecture and design, engineering, theatre, or related disciplines to participate.  

The contest seeks to bring Lehigh’s Inspiring the Future Makers strategic plan to life by empowering student voices, fostering their creativity and innovation, and applying theory as they learn by doing. The winning design will best illustrate the goals and initiatives outlined in the LTS Strategic Plan, with a $600.00 prize awarded to the winning individuals.

The Lehigh Libraries have been home to student-focused art installations, including the Say It in Six photography exhibit, Dream Catchers, and Paper Cranes, the latter of which has been on suspended display in the FML lobby since 2015 and will be replaced by the winning contest entry upon its completion.

“We are excited to offer students this opportunity to stretch themselves creatively, to expand and develop their design skills needed for long-term professional and personal success, and to embrace the interdisciplinary and collaborative spirit that is so key to the Lehigh learning experience,” said Greg Reihman, vice provost for Library and Technology Services. “We’re eager to see the results of students’ imaginations in a project that will enrich this highly visible and welcoming space in the heart of Lehigh’s campus.” 

Guidelines and procedure for submissions:

  1. The contest and design period will take place during the fall 2024 semester with expected installation by the end of spring 2025. The deadline for all contest submissions is Wednesday, December 4, 2024.
  2. Designs can take almost any form, such as print or digital media, and can include 3D elements as long as they adhere to physical and weight restrictions (forthcoming).
  3. Designs can be submitted as a sketch, prototype, CAD drawing, or other rendering that fully expresses the creative concept in the defined space. Design concepts are intended to be displayed by LTS on a 24x36 poster board, or 1 minute audio/visual presentation for judging purposes. 
  4. All submissions must have a written proposal of 300 words or less to accompany their design, and should include a budget targeting average material and labor costs within the Lehigh Valley.
  5. Faculty are encouraged to incorporate this project into their fall 2024 courses (in-class, for-credit project, or capstone). 
  6. Any individual student or team of up to 4 students currently enrolled at Lehigh University may enter the contest, with preference given to those being advised by a faculty member on their design. 
  7. The winning design will be innovative, and best reflect how the concept creatively illustrates the LTS Strategic Plan, promotes interdisciplinary research, adheres to physical restrictions, and falls within a budget allowance of $20,000 for materials and labor.
  8. The decision-making process will happen in 3 phases of voting efforts:

Phase 1: Ranked choice voting by members of the LTS design contest advisory committee. This committee consists of faculty and staff across the various design disciplines and subject matter experts on campus. 

Phase 2: Popular campus vote, using QR codes for submission.

Phase 3: Taking into consideration the weighing of the advisory committee and popular campus vote, the LTS leadership team will make the final decision on the winning design.

Click here to submit your design proposal by Wednesday, December 4, 2024.

Inquiries may be directed to Tara Coyle, LTS Project Coordinator at or (610) 758-4071.


Library and Technology Services