Library and Technology Services is pleased to introduce DataCamp, an online learning platform specializing in teaching data literacy for all skill levels. The platform is free to all faculty, students, and staff. Starting this fall, faculty can integrate DataCamp learning resources into their courses, giving students the opportunity to build and improve their data skills.

Why DataCamp and why now?

At Lehigh, we understand that data skills aren’t just for a small handful of careers anymore. Today, they’re essential in every discipline. DataCamp makes it easy to learn these new skills. From learning basic data concepts like data management, to advanced coding, all training is self-guided and interactive.

DataCamp is simple to start using. There is no software installation as all learning takes place in a web browser, where students will have the opportunity to follow expert-led courses, complete bite-sized exercises, and receive real-time feedback. The platform is also customizable. Individual teams (or courses) can be set up, as well as custom learning tracks that supplement the many pre-built tracks developed for achieving career and skill goals.

Ready-to-use, collaborative Workspaces with built-in AI

DataCamp offers ready-to-use Workspace environments, AI-enabled data notebooks to discover and share insights effortlessly. Workspaces run in a fully-managed, cloud-hosted environment with R/Python, built-in support for SQL, and all commonly used data science packages pre-installed. Workspaces also support real-time collaborations where multiple users can jump in and edit or comment during project development.

Get started

LTS has prepared documentation that will help you incorporate DataCamp into your courses, including enrollment instructions and other startup resources for both faculty and students.

Instructors can have DataCamp set up for their course. There is no Course Site integration yet, but a “Team” can be set up in DataCamp, which will give you visibility into student activity and progress. If you have any questions about DataCamp or would like it set up for your course, please submit an Instructional Technology Jira ticket and select “DataCamp course request” on the form.

Library and Technology Services