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There is important news about an issue that affects users of LTS services. Examples of such issues may include information about imminent planned downtime or system upgrades, new malware threats, or outages in external systems (such as PALCI or library databases).

Phishing messages that appear to come from "Lehigh Help Desk Services"

Last updated: 05/06/17

Another new phishing message is out that appears to come from, and indicates that you should follow "this link" to upgrade and secure your email due to our anti-phishing server upgrade.

LTS will not send you links to update your email so be very careful when receiving these types of messages.

See all the latest phishing schemes at: Recent Phishing Examples.

Many people are reporting phishing messages that appear to come from legitimate sources, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, the Better Business Bureau, Amazon, and American Airlines. These messages include links to sites that exploit vulnerabilities with Java and Adobe Flash. Be suspicious of any email that contains misspellings, poor grammar, convey extreme urgency, or ask for login or personal information.


Avoid clicking links until you can confirm that the message is from a legitimate source. Rather than using the link, go directly to the site by entering the web address in a browser. See more information on our LTS Phishing Guide page to avoid being caught.

Vulnerabilities in Browser Plug-ins for Java and Adobe Flash

Last updated: 05/06/17

Serious vulnerabilities have been discovered in Java and Adobe Flash which could result in your computer being compromised in various ways. These include: having malicious programs installed and run on your computer without your knowledge or permission; having your computer be used to attack other computers and networks or to send spam or phishing messages, or to spread viruses and other malware; and having sensitive private data (yours or Lehigh's) be exposed to others.


If you don't need the browser plug-ins, uninstall them or turn them off. However, since many of our web-based tools such as Banner Forms and Blackboard Collaborate require Java, make sure your plug-ins are up to date. You can quickly check the most common ones using free tools available from Rapid7 or Qualys.

For more information about Flash, read the Adobe bulletin. For more information about Java, as well as additional steps recommended by LTS, read the LTS Java News page.

Authorized users may post, cancel, or update messages on the maintenance page. Authorized users include Help Desk and Operations staff, and selected Systems, IT, and Client Services staff. Non-authorized users should contact the Help Desk at 610-758-4357 to report problems and outages.