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Assess Student Learning Online 

When students cannot submit a paper or take a quiz or an exam in a traditional physical classroom, instructors will need to move these activities online.

Note: If you are concerned about unsanctioned collaboration, plagiarism or cheating, start with these two guidance documents: Promoting Academic Integrity During Remote Learning and Online Assessment Best Practices, including methods for promoting academic integrity during online testing

UPDATE: Lehigh now offers Respondus, a remote learning integrity platform.

Creating quizzes or exams:

First Steps: Use Course Site Quizzes, a robust quiz feature that allows you to create a variety of different types of quizzes (e.g., multiple choice, essay, etc). 

Other options:

Assigning essays and papers

First Steps: Set up a Course Site Assignment or Google Assignment in Course Site to collect student essays/papers. Both allow you to assign, collect and give feedback on student papers.

Other options:


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