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Virtual Software: VMware Horizon

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While LTS still provides access to VMware Horizon, the preferred method for accessing software virtually is LUapps. Please visit the LUapps launch page for more information.

Virtual software systems, also known as 'application virtualization' technologies, allow users to run numerous programs that aren’t installed on their devices by installing a single piece of client software, and using it to connect to a central server on which the programs actually run.  This enables Android, iOS or Mac users to easily access software that is only written for Windows, for example.


After connecting to the VMware Horizon Client, users see a menu of programs they can run virtually on their devices. A list of available programs can be found on the LTS Software pages, designated as being available 'On-Demand.'

To use these systems, devices must be connected to the Lehigh network, either directly, via an Ethernet cable or Lehigh wireless, or remotely, over the internet, using the VPN.

Also, the programs on the system default to using network storage for opening and saving files.  Users should become familiar with finding and using these spaces.