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Introduction to Google Drive


Google Drive . . .

  • Is a component of Google's suite of office productivity tools called, G Suite
  • Offers apps that provide similar functionality as Microsoft Office (minus Access)
  • Includes the element of real-time collaboration and easy sharing with Lehigh users and others.
  • Also includes a synchronization utility to sync a local folder on your machine with files stored in the cloud.

Before you use Google Drive, remember . . .

  • Google Drive is cloud-based, that is, accessed on the Internet
  • Google Drive is available on any Internet-enabled computer or device
  • Google Drive integrates with other G Suite apps (e-mail, calendar, etc.)
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To launch Google Drive, type in any Web browser. Click on the Docs/Drive link. You will be prompted to enter your Lehigh network credentials.

Note that Google Chrome is the preferred browser, in order to enjoy Google Drive's full functionality.

Google Drive Log In
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Or, if you are already logged in Google Apps (e.g., email or calendar) select Drive from the Google App Launcher.

Google App Launcher
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The Google Drive main screen is comprised of four sections: A Search bar lets you search for any file or folder to which you have access. B Drive menu lets you select the container you wish to view. C View menu shows you the contents of the Drive container that you selected. D Drive format menu, including View options (list or grid), sort, and other settings.

Main Menu
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When a file or folder is selected, the icon menu is expanded:

1 Create a link that can be used in an email or web page.
2 Provide access rights to the file to other users.
3 Open the file or folder in Google Viewer.
4 Remove the file or folder.
5 More actions, which offers additional options.

File/Folder Options
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The More actions folder.

Visit Create a Google Drive file to create your own Google Drive data.

More actions

For additional help, please contact the LTS Help Desk at 610-758-4357 or