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Firefox Introduction Guide

Firefox Download Manager

The Download Manager is a feature of Firefox that allows you to track and manage your past and current file downloads. It is a convenient way to escape the clutter of multiple downloading windows while still preserving access to download statistics, such as the file name, file size, time remaining before the download is complete, where the file was downloaded from, and the time or date of the download.

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When you download a file from the Internet, Firefox will open the Downloads window to display the progress of the download.

When it's finished, double-click the file in the list to open it, or right-click the file and click Open.

Note: The Clear List button does not delete the downloaded files. It only removes the entries from the Download Manager.

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You can change several download settings, such as the folder where files are saved and whether to keep the Downloads window open or close it after the download is complete. See General Options for instructions.

Note: If you accidentally close the Downloads window, you can access it again via Tools > Downloads.


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