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These guidlines are effective for all faculty and staff retirees who retire on or after July 1, 2024

As a Lehigh University retiree, you will no longer be able to to use some of the services offered by Library and Technology Services (LTS).  When you planning too retire, please review the checklist below to review what you will have access to upon retirement.  If you have any personal data residing in any of these platforms or services, you need to migrate the data to a personal account.  If you have an Lehigh data residing on these platforms, you need to transfer the ownership of the data or move it to a University system where it can be transferred to a department or another individual at the University

Computing and Library Services for Retirees

Computing Services
ServiceChangeACtion Needed
 Lehigh E-mailNo - will keep accessNone
Access to LTS HelpdeskWill support LTS servicesNone


Library Services
ServiceChangeAction Needed
Access to CollectionsNo  - will keep accessNone
Access to WS journalNo - will keep accessNone


SERVICE ChangeACtion needed
Access to LUapps (AWS)Yes - will lose accessNone
Access to Software.lehigh.eduYes - will lose accessNone


ServiceChangeAction Needed
VPNNo - will keep accessNone
DuoNo - will keep accessNone


Cloud Storage/Local Storage
ServiceChangeAction Needed
Drop BoxYes -will lose accessMove documents to another person in the department
Google DriveYes - will lose accessMove documents to another person in the department


Videoconferencing/Teaching & Learning Tools
ServiceChangeAction Needed
ZoomYes - will lose

Download/Move Zoom cloud recordings to department

PanoptoYes - will loseDownload/Move recordings to personal storage
CoursesiteYes - will loseMove personal materials to personal storage


Returning as an Adjunct or Temporary Employee

If an retired employee returns as an adjunct or temporary employee,  employee account access will be returned to normal.

Sponsored Accounts

If a department would like a faculty member retain access to services, a sponsored account may be requested for an annula cost of $100.  To request a spoonsored account a department representative will need to go to,  ,  and request the account and supply an account number and an authorized signer.

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