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Why Lehigh Gmail?

Lehigh Gmail is an increasingly popular email option on campus. There are numerous significant benefits to Lehigh Gmail...

  • Storage. Lehigh Gmail now has unlimited storage space. You can never go over quota!
  • SPAM filtering. Lehigh Gmail’s SPAM filter is effective, reducing SPAM significantly from what you may have experienced with Lehigh’s legacy mail system(s).
  • Unified contacts. You will now have a unified address book - your Google Contacts.
  • Powerful search tools. Lehigh Gmail features built-in Google search, and as with Google's keyword-based web search. Gmail returns fast, accurate results. This powerful search option eliminates the need to create elaborate folder structures.
  • Integration with Google Apps. If you receive an invitation to a meeting in Gmail, you can easily add it to your calendar from within Gmail. You can attach files that are stored within your Google Drive, too.

How is it different from Thunderbird?

There are a few features that Gmail has either implemented differently from Thunderbird. When a feature appears to be absent, it is often the case that equivalent functionality is offered through the configuration options or via Google Chrome. Extensions available for Chrome can be found at

Some features that work differently in Lehigh Gmail are…

  • Return receipts. This feature is not available in Gmail. Regardless of what system you use, return receipts are dependent on the settings that that recipient has configured, and you can’t reliably receive return receipts for this reason.
  • New mail notification and mailto links. This feature is available under Settings in the General tab.
  • Simple MAPI. Because it is browser-based (not a desktop application) Gmail does not support "Simple MAPI" for programs in Windows that interact with mail. This means that any program that uses simple MAPI to send email (most that send file attachments use MAPI), will not use Gmail; they will continue to use your default email client as defined in Windows.
  • Replied-to indicator. Gmail does not have an icon indicating whether you have replied to a message. If you use conversation view, you can tell if there are replies to a message, but not necessarily whether you replied to it.
  • Edit as new. While Gmail does not offer an Edit as new function, it is easy to perform the equivalent functionality using the Canned Message feature.
  • Sorting. Gmail implements sorting of messages through its search interface.
  • Printing multiple messages. This is not available in the native interface, but it can be implemented using a Google Chrome extension.
  • Templates. In Gmail, there is a Canned Responses feature available in labs.
  • Preview pane. This is a feature available through Google Labs (under Settings).

For additional help, please contact the LTS Help Desk at 610-758-4357 or

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