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Will my email address change after I move to Gmail?

No. Your email address will still be the same, for example,

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Will my aliases continue to work if I use Gmail?

Yes. Because your mail is forwarded to Lehigh Gmail, the aliases you have in place will still work.

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What about finding Lehigh email addresses? Will the autocomplete feature work in Gmail?

Yes. Lehigh Gmail searches against the Lehigh directory (i.e., LDAP directory search).

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Will I continue to check email the same way on my mobile device? (iPhone, iPad, Android)

You will need to reconfigure your email in your device using LTS-provided instructions. See Configure Lehigh Gmail for iOS Devices or Configure Lehigh Gmail for Android Devices.

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What about the other Lehigh email accounts I manage in addition to my personal my

To check your inbox for multiple accounts, you would just open another tab in your browser and sign into that additional account. Or, if you get confused being signed into two different Google Accounts at the same time, you could open one in Firefox, for example, and the other in separate browser like Chrome. Finally, you can use some of Gmail’s features for using multiple accounts through the same browser. Read more about delegation and signing into multiple accounts.

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How do I send "mass emails" with Gmail?

There are several options, and the best solution for you will depend on numerous factors. Please contact the LTS help desk to make an appointment with your computing consultant or go to to complete a request for assistance.

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What happens when/if I leave Lehigh?

If you retire from Lehigh, you retain many of the privileges and services that you had as an employee, and you can keep your Lehigh Gmail account if you desire (you can also migrate the information elsewhere). If you leave Lehigh, your computing accounts and services will be terminated immediately after your last day at work. Your Lehigh Gmail account will be terminated as well. Make sure to save or transfer any information you need in your email, on Google Drive, or in other Google Apps prior to your last day. Very soon after your last day, your Lehigh Gmail account will be deleted and the data will be irretrievable.

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How long will migrating take?

The time to migrate depends on how much mail you have -- a good rule of thumb is 15 minutes per thousand messages.

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For additional help, please contact the LTS Help Desk at 610-758-4357 or

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