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Below you will find a list of questions commonly asked about wireless networking at Lehigh. This list is always being updated, so if the answer you're looking for isn't here right now, it may very well be soon. Click on any question to reveal answers and other useful information.

Can I connect my handheld device or smartphone to Lehigh's wireless network?

There are many devices that, once configured properly, can successfully connect to Lehigh's wireless network. Such devices include the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, as well as some Android-powered devices and Blackberry models. Detailed configuration instructions and step-by-step documentation is available for some devices/operating systems. If no instructions are available for your device, a basic description and list of important settings for each wireless network at Lehigh is provided.

See the Lehigh Wireless page for a list of available step-by-step documentation.

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When I try to connect to Lehigh's wireless network I am prompted for a username, password or key. What do I enter?

Lehigh's wireless networks are secured and require you to "log on" with your 4 or 6 character Lehigh user ID (xxx0 or xxx123) and password.

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Are on-campus students permitted to run their own wireless routers/access points in their rooms?

Students are not permitted to run individual wireless routers/access points in their rooms. Running a wireless router/access point is a violation of Lehigh's Acceptable Use policy and can result in a loss of network access for violators. There are many reasons for this prohibition. Student-run routers/access points interfere with Lehigh's wireless signal and will cause problems for other students living nearby who are trying to use it. Also, they pose a security risk. Misconfigured or poorly secured routers/access points can leave a student's computer vulnerable to possible hacking and other security threats.

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Can I connect a wireless printer to Lehigh's wireless network?

It is not possible to connect a wireless printer to Lehigh's wireless network. Lehigh's network requires you to "log on" using your 4 or 6 character Lehigh user ID (xxx0 or xxx123) and password. Currently, wireless printers do not have the ability to supply these credentials. As a result, they cannot connect to Lehigh's wireless networks. Students with wireless-capable printers should use a standard USB cable to connect the printer to their computer or USB hub.

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Can game consoles (i.e. XBOX 360, Wii, PS3, etc.) be connected to Lehigh's wireless networks?

Generally game consoles do not support the 802.1x security used by Lehigh's wireless network, so you may need to use the luna wireless network - For many game consoles it is possible to connect them to Lehigh's wired network. Please note: STARS Consultants and Lehigh Computing Consultant cannot provide assistance for issues relating to gaming.

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What is the difference between the "Lehigh" and "Lehigh Guest" wireless networks?

The 'lehigh' wireless network provides direct access to University computers and systems, and the fastest, most secure route to the Internet. The 'lehigh-guest' network is designed to provide short-duration access to the Internet for visitors to Lehigh who do not have a Lehigh Computer Account. Its network speed is limited to 56k which is only sufficient for light-duty email and the most basic browsing. It is an open network with no security, and available to any wireless system.  Students, Faculty and Staff should not use it -- it is broadcast by the same access points that provide the primary 'lehigh' network, and will be available at the same signal strength in the same locations.

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