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How do I get voice mail?

In order to setup your voice mail you must first contact Telecommunications at ext. 85300 or you may sign up online using the Student Voice Mail Application.

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How do I check my messages from my room?

You can press *5 from your phone to enter your mailbox; follow the system prompts to enter your password. When you reach the Main Menu, you can press 1 to listen to your messages.

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How do I check my messages when I'm not in my room?

You can dial 86666 (on-campus) or 610-758-6666 (off-campus). When you hear the system prompt, "Hello, you have reached Lehigh University's voice mail system..." press the # key followed by your mailbox number. You will then be prompted for your password.

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What is my mailbox number?

If you are the only person with voice mail in your room, your mailbox number* is 4 followed by the last 4 digits of your room phone number. If more than one person has voice mail, your mailbox number is 1, 2, in some cases 3 followed by the last 4 digits of your room phone number.

*Please Note: To verify your number: Lift the handset and press # * 1 1 3; the system will announce your 5 digit-(4XXXX) phone number. You must set up your voice mail from your own room phone!

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What is the cost of voice mail?

Voice mail is covered under the student technology fee. This fee appears on each student's bursar bill every semester.

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What is a common mailbox?

The common mailbox is used when more than one person in each room has voice mail. This mailbox is used to route the caller to the correct personal mailbox. For examples, when you call a student room with more than one resident, you will hear : "To leave a message for John, press 1. To leave a message for Sam, press 2." No messages can be left in the common mailbox.

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How do I change the greeting in my mailbox?

To change the greeting, simply enter your mailbox as you would to check your messages. At the main menu of your mailbox you can press 4-3-1-2. You will then hear a system prompt reminding you to press # after recording your greeting. At this point you can record your new greeting.

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How do I record a greeting to be played while I'm on vacation?

This type of greeting is called an "Extended Absence Greeting". To record a greeting of this type, simply enter your mailbox as you would to check your messages, then press 4-3-2. The system will prompt you to record your greeting.

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How do I change the password for my voice mailbox?

To change your password, enter your mailbox as you would to check your messages. When you are at the main menu, press 4-2-1-1. The system will then prompt you to enter your new password.

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How do I find out when a message was sent to me?

While listening to a message, you can press 5 to find out when it was sent. If the message was sent from another voice mail user's mailbox, this will also inform you who sent the message. If the message was sent from someone outside of Lehigh, this will also give you the telephone number of the calling party. Please Note: If the calling party has their information blocked from Caller ID, through their telephone carrier, their telephone number will not be available to you.

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Why does my light keeps flashing when I don't have any messages in my mailbox?

Usually, this means that there is a message in one of your roommates' mailboxes. If you are in a single room, there could be a glitch with your phone. Send yourself a "test" message to your mailbox. Dial back in to your mailbox and delete the test message. The light should go out. If you continue to have problems, call the Telecommunications Help Line at 85300.

NOTE: A fast-blinking light could also be a "CALLBACK" and NOT a voice message. If you pick up your handset and you hear "CALLBACK," press the CLBK button on your phone. The phone system will automatically return the call.

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Why doesn't my light flash when I have new messages?

There are a few causes for this problem. It is possible that the phone light itself is not working. It's also possible that the necessary software changes have not been made to allow the message waiting light to work. If this problem arises, please call the Voice Mail Hotline at x85300.

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How do I record a Busy Greeting for my voice mailbox?

Your mailbox has the capability of playing two greetings: one for when your phone is not answered and the other for when you're on the phone.

If you would like to record a Busy Greeting (which is a good idea), you'll first need to delete your Personal Greeting. Follow these steps:

Dial into your voice mail as you normally do.

At the Main Menu, press 4 for Personal Options.

Press 3 for Greetings.

Press 1 for Personal Greeting.

Press 1 for Standard System Greeting. You will hear, "Thank you. A Standard System Greeting will be used." At this point you will still be in the Personal Options Menu.

Press 3 for Greetings again.

Press 1 for Personal Greeting

Press 2 to record a greeting. Record your greeting and then press #.

You will now hear, "To record a greeting to be played to callers when you are on the phone, press 1." You will now record a greeting telling callers that you are on the phone at this time.

If you like, you can now re-record your Personal Greeting. It's easiest to do this by pressing * until you return to the main menu, then pressing 4-3-1-2-1 and following the system prompts.

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For additional help, please contact Telecommunications at 610-758-5300 or