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This service is available only to Lehigh Faculty.

What is the R-Drive?

The R-Drive is a file storage service offered by LTS to provide Lehigh users with significant additional storage for larger files or collections of data than are handled by other systems.

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What is Ceph?

Ceph is the Research Computing system in which the R-Drive was created. It allows LTS to share massive amounts of high-speed, high-availability (redundant) storage space over the Lehigh network.

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How is it different from the H-Drive?

Files on the H-Drive are backed up nightly by LTS onto tape, and sent to an off-site storage location. Files on the R-Drive will be stored redundantly, so that a single hardware failure will not result in loss. As well, the system does store online snapshots of files daily, which are retained for 7 days after that, but these are part of the same system, so supplemental backup is still recommended.

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How is it different from Cloud services like DropBox or Google Drive, etc.?

Like all data created for work at Lehigh, files on the R-drive are subject to Lehigh’s Data Classification Policy, and Records Retention Policy. Nevertheless, since the R-Drive’s systems are on campus, owned by Lehigh, and under the university’s direct control, files can be stored on the R-Drive without concern for compliance with the Cloud Computing Policy.

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Who can get access to the R-drive?

Full-time faculty get 1 terabyte of space at no cost, and need only to log in (see instructions below). Additional storage will be charged via a Lehigh account. Staff, students, and others may also request access, but must also be charged via a Lehigh account.

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What does it cost?

Full-time faculty get 1TB of space at no cost, and need only to log in (see instructions below). Everyone else, including faculty who need additional storage, can purchase a Ceph Project space. R-Drive and Ceph Project space cannot be combined.

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How do I sign up or increase my space?

R-Drive space cannot be increased or shared with other R-Drive users. It also cannot be combined with a Ceph project space. If Lehigh Faculty need additional space, they will need to purchase a separate Ceph project. More information about Ceph is available on the Ceph FAQ.

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How do I connect to it?

Connection instructions have been prepared for:

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Can I share files and collaborate with others on the R-Drive?

While your individual R-Drive space cannot be shared, the Ceph system allows for creation of customized project spaces in addition to the R-Drive. See the Ceph FAQ for more info.

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Can I use the R-drive with backup systems like CrashPlan?

Using the R-Drive with CrashPlan is not currently supported, but may be in the future. See your Computing Consultant for more information.

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For additional help, please contact the LTS Help Desk at 610-758-4357 or