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How can I delete mail more than one screen at a time?

Please take a look at this video, which offers instructions for deleting more than one screen at a time.

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I don’t understand the yellow arrow that indicates whether a message is important. How does Gmail decide what messages are important?

Gmail’s mail system is proprietary, but it tries to guess what messages are important based on your behavior. If you reliably open messages from your boss, for example, Gmail is more likely to assume a message from your boss is important. You can “teach” Gmail to interpret your message importance by clicking on important messages and unclicking messages tagged yellow that are not important.

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Why doesn’t Gmail display the size of an email message?

Google's philosophy is that with so much storage space, message size is not really an issue. Any dramatically large messages will have attachments, and their size can be viewed by displaying the message. You can also take advantage of the search and sort features. See the list of search options which include searching by size: , larger: , and smaller:

If you really want to sort by size, try this trick from a Wall Street Journal tech blogger:

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How do I set up email notification in the task bar?

If you use Google Chrome, you can just go to the setting (Gear) and select Desktop Notifications in the General tab. If you use another browser, you can download the Gmail notifier at

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How do I sorting the inbox or an email label by name in to/from?

This is accomplished through the search features. In the search bar, type to:email address or from:email address and any other options to filter your results. You can also use the dropdown menu and just fill out the appropriate filter options.

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How does Gmail categorize a message as important?

To get an idea of why Gmail thought a particular email was important enough to make your Priority Inbox:
● Move the mouse cursor over the importance marker displayed in front of the message in the list or following the Subject when you've opened the message.
● If you cannot see the marker, see below.
● Wait for hovering text to appear with a short explanation of Gmail's message assessment.

Potential reasons for categorizing an email as important include:
● Important mainly because of the words in the message.— You may have marked similar emails important in the past, or the message urges you to action.
● Important mainly because of the people in the conversation. — You've exchanged emails frequently with the sender, or have consistently marked their emails important.
● Important mainly because of your interaction with messages in the conversation.
● Important because you marked it important.
● Important mainly because it was sent directly to you.
● Important mainly because you often read messages with this label.

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How do I edit a subject line?

Reply to the message. To the left of the sender name, there is a down arrow. Click on it to view the menu and select Edit subject.
edit subject.png

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How can I sort my inbox by sender?

Go to your inbox and take your mouse and hover over the senders name, in a second or two a window will pop open, now choose "emails". Your email will now be sorted by the sender you hovered over.

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How do I edit my email identity (the way my name appears) in Lehigh Gmail?

Click on Google Plus (upper right-hand corner of the screen), then on View Profile. Then click on your name,and it opens a window to change your name.

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Can I add more aliases in Gmail?

Although technically you only have one Gmail address, you can create as many variations of it as you wish to help manage your incoming mail.
You can do this by adding a word after your name with a plus sign (if the site you're entering the address into allows it). So,,, and so on.
This alias system then comes into its own if you also set up filters to direct those messages where you want them. For example, they could skip the inbox and be archived, have a label applied, be forwarded to another account, and so on.
To set up a filter, go to "Settings," hit the "Filters" tab, select "Create New Filter" and follow the simple steps from there.

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How can I schedule a message to be sent in Lehigh Gmail?

There is an extension called Boomerang ( that allows you to schedule delivery of messages. It has been lightly tested, but use at your own risk.

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How can I print more than one email at a time in Gmail?

If you have a business process or practice that requires printing multiple email, it is a good time to re-examine that practice! There are so many electronic options that do not consume paper, it is worth investigating. In the meantime, you can use Google Chrome and an extension that allows you to print multiple email messages at a time. Go to for more information.

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