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iPhone (FAQ)

Can I buy an iPhone at a discounted education price?

No. Neither Apple nor AT&T are currently offering discounts on iPhone hardware.

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Does Lehigh support the iPhone?

Yes. The iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are fully supported at Lehigh.

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Does the iPhone work on Lehigh's secure Wi-Fi network "lehigh"?

Yes. Lehigh uses 802.1X/WPA standards for secure authentication to the wireless network "lehigh". The iPhone can be automatically configured when connecting to lehigh Wi-Fi. Enter your Lehigh username and password when prompted, and Accept the certificate presented. For step-by-step instructions, see the Lehigh Wi-Fi link at left.

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Can Lehigh employees purchase the iPhone through our AT&T Corporate Plan?

Yes. AT&T offers several business plans that are available at a discount through Lehigh's AT&T representative, including options for global data roaming. There is no discount on the iPhone equipment itself. Lehigh faculty and staff may be eligible for an employee discount on an AT&T individual responsibility (personal) plan depending on the iPhone model.

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Does the iPhone work with Lehigh email?

Yes. The iPhone supports the IMAP and ESMTP standards used at Lehigh, including support for IMAP mail folders. Setting up email on the iPhone is similar to other IMAP email clients. See Configure an iPhone for Lehigh Email (non-Gmail) or Configure Lehigh Gmail for iOS Devices.

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Can I sync my Calendar with the iPhone?

Yes. The iPhone can sync calendar information either 1) dynamically over-the-air or 2) when connecting to iTunes on a personal computer via iPhone dock or USB cable. OTA (over-the-air) calendar syncing is the preferred method as the information is always up to date, rather than "as of the last time you connected the cable to your computer". iOS 3.0 and higher supports OTA sync out-of-the-box for Google Calendar using ActiveSync (Microsoft Exchange). See our instructions for details on configuring an iOS device for use with Lehigh Google Calendar.

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Can I sync the iPhone with more than one computer?

Yes, with caveats. Apple has designed the iPhone to work seamlessly when used with a single computer (Mac or PC) or iCloud. Manual configuration of iTunes does allow for syncing certain items on one computer and certain items on another. For example, Contacts and Calendars might sync on a Mac at work, while Music, Photos, Podcasts and Apps might sync on a Mac at home. Sync for some items such as Contacts and Calendars can also be accomplished over-the-air, for example using Google or Apple's iCloud service.

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Does the iPhone have a memory card?

No. The iPhone's built-in storage is used for all media that is synced through iTunes. Photos taken with built-in camera are stored on the iPhone and can then be transferred to a computer over USB using digital camera software such as iPhoto, or sent as email from the iPhone.

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What about "jailbreaking" the iPhone to install 3rd-party applications?

LTS does not recommend nor support unauthorized modifications to the iPhone such as "jailbreaking" to install 3rd-party applications. We recommend applications be installed only through Apple's App Store.

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For additional help, please contact the LTS Help Desk at 610-758-4357 or