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What is a LIN?

In order to enhance network security, as well as to conform to federal law, Library and Technology Services has revised the process wherein primary computing accounts are opened for individuals and departments. In place of the Social Security Number and birth date used in the prior system, for most new accounts a Lehigh identification number (LIN) is now required along with a Banner PIN being used as the initial password; the means by which the user obtains his or her LIN and PIN will differ depending on that person's affiliation within the University. Special accounts, such as departmental accounts do not require a LIN/PIN.

Your LIN is not only used to open your computing account, but is used as your primary numeric identification for many University processes.

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How do I obtain a LIN & PIN?

In order for a LIN to be created, your records must be entered into Banner. Once entered into Banner, a LIN and PIN will be generated for the individual, printed on a sealed form called a LIN/PIN Mailer, and delivered to one of the locations listed below for distribution to the end user. Except as noted below, individuals must present a picture id (either a Lehigh id card or government issued id) to the appropriate office to obtain the LIN and PIN letter; these letters can be mailed to the home address stored within Banner upon request. LIN and PIN letters are distributed as follows:

  • Faculty and Staff (including Visiting Researchers/Scholars) - Room 394 of the EWFM Computing Center.
  • Admitted Students - Most admitted students, graduate and undergraduate, no longer receive LIN/PIN Mailers. A separate letter will be sent to your home address containing your LIN.
  • Students - Once you have your Lehigh Computing Account, you can find your LIN by:
    1. Logging into using your Lehigh Computing Account credentials
    2. Clicking on Banner
    3. Clicking on Personal Information (either the tab across the top or the menu item)
    4. Clicking on What's My Lehigh ID Number?

    With your Lehigh Computing Account, you can reset your PIN using your Computing Account credentials on

  • Alumni - distributed through the Alumni Association (request online using the Address Update and PIN Request form)
  • Parents - distributed through the Registrar's Office
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How do I open a computing account?

Anyone associated with Lehigh University who has been provided with a Lehigh identification number (LIN) and an initial Banner PIN can open a Library and Technology Services (LTS) computing account. The resources available through this account will vary somewhat depending on the individual's status at the University. Using the LIN and PIN, this account can be opened through the process found at:

This process will require the user to set a new PIN, a new password, and three challenge questions (which could be used to reset a forgotten password or PIN). This process will provide the user with a six character username (typically, their initials and a three digit number) which, along with their password, provides access to most electronic resources available to them.

Admitted students no longer use a LIN and PIN to open their accounts, but rather follow a link from within their Admissions Offered Student Portal (CollegeNET or Common Application)

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How can I change a password, PIN, or challenge questions?

The password, PIN, or challenge questions on an account can be changed at any time by going to: Passwords on these accounts must be changed twice per year. Daily email messages will be sent to the account starting two weeks prior to the password expiration reminding the user to change the password.

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How do I reset my password or PIN?

Anyone who forgets his or her password or PIN can use the challenge questions set for that account (via If a username is entered to start the process, the challenge questions are used to reset the password; if a LIN (or Social Security Number) is entered to start the process, the challenge questions are used to reset the PIN. Note that if a PIN is forgotten, but the password is still known, the PIN can be reset through the "change" process ( described above.

If the username has also been forgotten, resetting the PIN (via SSN and challenge questions as per above) will display the username. Once known, the username can be entered into the "forgot" process ( along with the answers to the challenge questions and a new password can be set.

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How can I have an account reinstated?

An account for anyone who has been away from the University for a period of time (e.g., a student who did not register for a course for a semester of more), will most likely need to be reinstated. Certain events, such as registering for a course, may trigger this to happen without intervention. In the event that the account no longer seems to exist, contact the Accounts Office in room 394 of the EWFM Computing Center at 610-758-3830. Once reinstated, the account can be opened again as per the "open" process described above.

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I can't remember my password or security questions. Can my account be reset?

Anyone who forgets his or her password and PIN and is unable to answer the challenge questions set for that account, will need to have the account reset. The simplest way to have this reset is to bring a picture id (either a Lehigh id card or government issued id) to the LTS Help Desk on the ground floor of EWFM Library. There, the user will be given a temporary one-use password allowing the user to change (via his or her password and then reset the challenge questions.

Anyone who is off-campus and unable to come to campus will need to contact the LTS Help Desk at 610-758-4357 to verify their identity. Note that the LTS Help Desk may redirect you to another University department to verify your status at the University.

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What are special accounts?

Special accounts are those for which no LIN and PIN are issued and include accounts such as departmental, temporary (for seminars or short duration), vendor, employee spouse, and temporary employee (agency paid). Please see

Once a special account has been created, the user will be given a temporary one-use password which allows the user to change (via his or her password and then set the challenge questions.

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For additional help, please contact the Library and Technology Services Help Desk at ext. 8-4357 (from off campus, 610-758-4357).