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In addition to the R-drive project, the Ceph system offers the ability to create other types of 'project spaces' for larger, extended storage or collaboration with defined groups of users. See the list of questions and answers below for a detailed description of this service.

Can I share data on the R-drive?

No. The R-Drive per-se is designed as personal storage for individual researchers. What you _can_ do is request an additional 'Project Space' for a set group of collaborators. This comes with a fee, but the directory appears in the same network location, alongside your r-drive space.

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How do I get a sharable 'Project Space'?

Submit a help request to "Research Computing" at that includes the Lehigh usernames of the group you want to share with, the amount of space you want, the type of space you want, and the account number you'd like us to bill.

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What do Project Spaces cost?

Ceph Project spaces are purchased in multiples of 1TB with a 5-year duration for $375/TB. If snapshots are desired, an additional project space for snapshots can be purchased with a 5-year duration at $375/TB.

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What kinds of 'Project Spaces' are available?

Two kinds: Managed and Open. The Managed space includes personal directories for each individual user, accessible only to them, and a shared space in which all users can read and write all files. An 'Open' space has no pre-set structure, and all files in the space are writable by all users.

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Can I set permissions on files myself to give different permissions to different group members?

No. Ceph's architecture limits the types of sharing it's able to do. File permissions are set by the directories they're in. Do share files differently, you'd need to create a separate project space with a different permission set.

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Can I make my R-Drive or Ceph Project Space fully public within Lehigh or to the Internet?

No. Currently, there is no mechanism to allow general access to files on Ceph. Other services should be used for that kind of 'publication.'

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If I can't see other users' files in a Managed space, how can I tell how much space it has left?

Utilities will be provided for itemizing the space usage by directory.

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Where can I find more technical information about Ceph?

For additional help, please contact the LTS Help Desk at 610-758-4357 or