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March, 1999

Note: Adapted from the document "Policies on the Use of Computer Systems and Facilities" which can be found at specifically items: 2, 3 10, 11, 12.

  1. You must not use Library and Technology Service's network facilities to gain or attempt to gain unauthorized access to remote computers or networks.
  2. You must not deliberately perform an act which will seriously impact the operation of any University voice system. This includes, but is not limited to, tampering with components of the voice network or otherwise blocking communication lines.
  3. You must not harass others with threatening, libelous, or sexually, racially, or religiously offensive telephone calls or voice messages.
  4. You must not attempt to monitor another user's communications.
  5. University-owned networks and equipment are to be used to support university-related activities, such as Lehigh University courses, research projects, departmental activities, professional and scholarly activities, and related personal communications. These resources are not to be used for personal or financial gain that is unrelated to a valid university function. Uses of these resources that may be university-related and either directly or indirectly result in personal or financial gain require prior approval of the Vice Provost for Library and Technology Services.

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