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Unified Communications (VoIP) Migration Status


As LTS progresses through the migration to Cisco Unified Communication, this page will provide information on building or department moves as well as planned feature enhancements.

Deployment is in progress

Timeline through February 2018

Date Building/Department/Feature Status
October Sinclair Laboratory Complete
October LTS Client Services Liaisons Complete
November Lewis Lab Complete
November Whitaker Lab Complete
November STEPS Complete
November Williams Hall Complete
November Facilities Services Complete
November Mudd Building Complete
December Coxe Hall Complete
December Maginnes Hall Complete
January Rathbone Hall Complete
January Transportation Services Complete
January Imbt Lab Complete
January 3rd and New, Human Resources and Controller (phase 1) Scheduled for 2/19/18 and 2/20/18
January Mohler Lab Scheduled for 2/21/18
January University Center To be scheduled
January Sherman Fairchild Lab Department review in progress
January Wilbur Powerhouse Department review in progress
January Wilbur Annex Department review in progress
January Chandler Ullmann Hall Department review in progress


Migration Process

Several weeks in advance

LTS will reach out to department heads and managers several weeks in advance of the planned migration. We will ask that you identify a designated coordinator for your department to work with us to review phone models and features and sign off final approval of both. We expect this process to be quick and smooth since most departments participated in an overall telephone line audit starting in late 2016.

2-3 days prior to cutover

Just prior to the migration date, LTS will deliver phones to the designated department coordinator, who will distribute them to end users.

On the migration date

End users will follow step by step instructions to plug their new phones into a network connection, and notify LTS when this is complete. LTS will then perform the software changes required to move the extension from the old system to the new, and will place a test call to verify successful migration. Cisco 7841 Phone Setup Guide Cisco 8841 and 8851 Phone Setup Guide

After the migration date

LTS will collect the old phones from the department coordinator for recycling.


For additional help, please contact the LTS Help Desk at 610-758-4357 or