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Thunderbird to Lehigh Gmail: Equivalent functions


Popular Thunderbird functions and their Lehigh Gmail web interface equivalents.



Lehigh Gmail

Reply indicator

Reply Indicator arrow appears next to messages you have responded to.

Conversation view indicates the number of exchanges and the participants in the “sender” column.


Allows you to move compose window

SHIFT-CLICK to pop out Gmail Compose.

Mail notifications

Thunderbird mail notification can be set up at the application and desktop level

Turn on Gmail Desktop Notifications. Also search Google Chromes extensions.


You can save templates of message content.

Use the Labs feature Canned Messages.

Preview Pane

A “preview pane” appears below the list of inbox messages.

Go to the Gear icon , select Settings, and go to the Labs section. In Labs, choose Preview Pane and enable it.

Edit subject line

Subject line is editable in replies.

In Gmail, reply to a message, then click on down arrow to the left of the sender name in the headers. See step by step instructions.


Thunderbird allows you to sort by clicking on columns in the inbox.

In Gmail, you use the search functions -- click on the FireShot Screen Capture #126 - 'Inbox (7,531) - sek2@lehigh_edu - Lehigh University Mail' - mail_google_com_mail_u_0_#inbox.jpg icon in the search menu for options or see advanced search features.


Thunderbird has folders for mail storage

Lehigh Gmail uses labels -- they can function identically to folders but they do much more.

Edit as new

Right-click on a message to open it for editing as a new message.

Forward the message; add the recipients list & edit the subject line; or use Canned Messages.

Resize label column

Drag the column border to expand

See the Chrome extension  Gmail label column resizer

Offline access

Available in Thunderbird

Use Chrome extension Gmail Offline

Mail forwarding and vacation

Update forwarding and vacation messages at Limited functionality.

Go to the Gear icon , select Settings, and go to the General section (vacation) or the Forwarding and POP/IMAP.

Multiple accounts

Configurable in Thunderbird

Use “Grant Access” or “Send Mail as” or “Grant access” -- go to Gear icon , select Settings, Choose Accounts

Mail merge

Accomplished with Office

Try Mail Merge with Attachments add-ons

Mailto: links

Configurable in Thunderbird

Click Set Chrome 01.jpg while viewing Gmail in Chrome, choose Allow. Configurable  in other browsers.




Available in Thunderbird

Configurable through the Multi Forward in Gmail extension using Chrome


For additional help, please contact the LTS Help Desk at 610-758-4357 or