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All documents should be submitted in PDF format. Contact the LTS Help Desk for assistance in putting your documents in this format.

If you have not read the eligibility requirements and application requirements for the Prize, please review them before you submit your application. You should have these things at hand to submit your paper or project...

  • The title and abstract of your project (as part of the submission process you'll need to type it in or copy and paste it).
  • The text of your 500-700 word essay if you choose that option (alternatively you can agree to an interview).
  • The name of the faculty member who we can contact about the project. It's a good idea to talk to your faculty member before you provide his or her name.
  • Your project/paper in electronic format or the URL for your project.
  • The text of the course assignment (you can type it in, cut/paste, or upload the course doc describing the assignment).

Submit your application at

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For additional help, please contact the LTS Help Desk at 610-758-4357 or